Airdash Academy- A new video series dedicated to fundamental understanding of fighting games


When to go for combos?

This is gonna be an awesome series. I loved your Guilty Bits series and the presentation and information style is even more top notch. I will definitely share this video to friends!


Excellent concept. What games are you defining as airdash fighters, exactly? I know the obvious Arc games, but are you counting Marvel or VSav in that?


Front paging this.

This can’t be stated enough.

Not to mention the fact that some of these efforts to “simplify” the game actually make their execution harder (looking at you SFIV).


As someone also working on a Fighting Games 101-style project, I look forward to how this is handled


Nice, going to subscribe, might be the video series to help me out as it presented the issues that I go through often. Good stuff.


Adding to the Newbie’s/Beginner Links thread. Looking forward to future episodes.


is not airdashers and fundamentals a oxymoron and thatz coming from me a moron.


Could be a different set of fundamentals - though the core still remains. Punches and Kicks and Blocks oh my.


I’m watch this to prepare for GGXrd,can’t wait!


I’m rooting for these guys to succeed in bringing more people to the fold. IMHO it’s unlikely if not impossible*, but this is a case where I’d love to be proven wrong. Worst case scenario I can’t see the effort making things worse.

  • The video itself starts out talking about how hard it’s going to be and how long it’s going to take for a non-FG person to get up to snuff. They probably lost a lot of people right there.


Both the first and second episode are now up on the front page.


Im going to start sending the link to people who send me hate mail on psn.


Good stuff everyone involved, watching one of your vids is always a treat.


I believe Demitri made an appearance in the intro, so I’d assume they’re including Savior. Marvel airdashes are character-specific, and it doesn’t share qualities with airdashers in the sense that there’s less focus on oki and more on the unavoidable incoming mixups and zero-to-death combos.


Very cool! I’m happy to see more people try to educate and bring people up!


Good shit, tataki.


It’s pretty obvious that the “airdash” bit in the title is just a label and that they’re covering everything. Heck, episode 1 had SFII and Tekken in it.


I appreciate that the videos aren’t super long, but they could benefit from a little more content. The Communication and Memorization video should have explained number notation and “qcf”,“hcb”, etc. I know the top comment says they didn’t intend to explain the notation in this video but I think the extra minute would have been worth it.


The series is more about the “how” and “why” than the “what”. Keep watching though :slight_smile: