Airfare / Timing question... Need some help

Ok, first of all, I need information on a few things…

  1. Airfare to Vegas and back to PA. What’s the cheapest rate?
  2. What’s the pricing for a room of three at the RedRock?
  3. WHat time would everything end? My first day back to school is on the monday after evolution, and i have a 9am class.

I need some help from an EC person that has gone before, and information on anything and everything. please help this evo noob get to vegas! :slight_smile:

u could go to

idk just suggestions

wut about #2 and #3

rate at GVR is $149 per night. after misc room fees and taxes… its safe to put it at about 180 per night. divide that by 3, and multiply by amount of nights you staying and there you go.

Evo finals end usually around 11PM-12AM… so either youre missing your class or youre missing evo marvel finals. unless you get some crazy ass flight in the wee hours of the morning.

that’s what i figured about that… :frowning:

$50 per night for 3 people, that’s not bad.

THe time difference to vegas and EC is 3 hours?

and the fligh’s about 3, so i’m looking that, if i leave at 1am (on a good note), then i wont get back til 7am… that’s hard ass.

red rock?


For the room if you want, you can still be the 3rd person in my room. No homo of course.
Right now it’s me and Shinryukev.

I’ll let you know valaris

I haven’t done anything constructive on a first class day since I got to college. I’m sure you’d be fine if you skipped for EVO.

I say you ditch evo and go to class.

i do believe that’s what may end up happening.


are there shuttles / taxis that will take me from the airport to the red rock, and how much does that cost?

what’s the name of the airport in vegas as well?
my flight arrives at mccarran

it’s green valley ranch buddy. Nam’s a retard. What if someone booked a room on that assumption? Would you pay for that room?

And mix, you need to thank nam for doing all this work for you. Most people would just tell you to look that shit up yourself.

yes theres a green valley shuttle from the airport the time should be on the green valley shuttle make sure you book your flight accordingly unless you want a 30-40 dollar taxi

ok cool…i was wondering about that. Does the shuttle cost anything if you booked a room?

yeah, thanks. i got everything straightend out…

who’s nam by the way? valaris is helping me out… nam? strider hiryu? yeah, he’s been super helpful in this thread.

somebody told me the redrock, but that was a while ago. i’m just stupid, and i forgot, cuz i’ve been busy. i knew it was green valley, but i’ve been thinking red rock for a few days.

shuttle is free period