Airline that's friendly to fatties?

This question takes a great deal of humility to ask, especially on an internet forum, so please refrain from flames if you can.

Short story, I’m trying to go to evo, but not trying to pay for 2 plane tickets to get there. Have any other heavy people had success with certain airlines that would be willing to share the knowledge? PM’s are fine if you don’t feel like posting up about your flight experiences. This question is 100% serious, and I really would appreciate any genuine feedback on this, as the time to book a flight is nigh.

Business Class? I think some people give you beds instead of seats.

I’ve flown business overseas before and that shit is no joke a bed. I wouldn’t consider myself tall (5’9’’) and sitting in the chair I can’t kick the chair in front of me. The food is top tier also. I’m not sure if the seat size is the same for intra U.S. travel but overseas on a 747 the seats are about twice as big as an economy seat. The tickets are pretty pricey though (more than 2x the cost of an economy seat). Try Economy+ seating if they have it on regional jets. Recently I think Kevin Smith got kicked off an airline for being too big (which is what may have brought this up). Seeing as how you’re in PA, I’m guessing driving is too inconvenient. The best bet would just be to call the airline direct and find out more information.

This is something getting to me as well as I have a trip out to Az and the last thing I need is for them to tell me at the last minute I need another seat, and me not be able to go to Az because of it. Just cause I’m big doesn’t mean I’m made of money.

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Well if there’s anything the recent incident with Kevin Smith taught me, don’t fly Southwest.

I’d drive if I were you because unless you’re willing to fly freight you are going to be a bother to someone.

Raz0r would post in this thread.

Fat spic.

I’m fit as fuck.

Evo is still a few months away. You sure you can’t lose a few pounds before it comes around? You don’t need to lose massive amounts, just enough to the point where you won’t have to buy two seats.

I’m being completely genuine with this question also.


no offense, but if your at the point where you have to pay money to accommodate your excess weight, would it not make more sense to spend that money to get rid of that excess weight instead?

truth, if you’re willing to pay for an extra seat if needed, why not use it to try to lose a couple pounds before EVO?

He said he doesnt WANT to pay that much…I’m in a similar predicament, though only a couple months away.

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How fat are you guys letting yourselves get? Holy shit, those seats are pretty sizable to begin with. My biggest friends is about 230 lbs but he’s 6’3" and isn’t a chub. He still sits in those seats fine. If you’re that huge either swallow it and buy the two seats, lose weight, or drive. I’ve been stuck next to fatties on a plane before and it’s the worst thing imaginable. I’ve stopped flying specific airlines because of this shit.

I try to only fly Jetblue when I can due to leg room…size wise I can use 3/4 of the seat; but being 6’1 my knees are DONE after about 2 hrs.

Have some self respect and lose weight? I mean, aside from the health complications and the pain inflicted on the eyes of innocent bystanders, there are now economic boons to be had if you got your act together and shed some pounds. Why do fat people constantly search for alternative methods to do what normal, non-massive people do instead of actually changing their situations for the better?

This thread could go in the right direction…or the wrong direction. I’m hoping for the wrong, only because the potential is there.

ask to sit in the exit row. you get extra leg room.

Get a refrigerator box and take it to like UPS and get inside it then mail yourself to evo. it would probably cost less then buying two seats on the airline of your choice.

What I would do is get some padding and pillows and get inside the box. you gotta write FRAGILE all over the box though so that they don’t just throw you around like a cheap slut.

Mail yourself to the hotel you will be staying at ect ect.

Yeah, because people are only fat because they hate themselves.

Call up and ask?
That’s seriously the only way you’ll find out.

I really hope you choose to maybe lose a bit of weight before evo rather than have to pay for your excess weight as the other guy said. When it gets to that point, then something should set off in your brain.