Airport and custom sticks


Yo forgot if I asked this before but what do people do about getting custom sticks through airbport security. Take it with as carryon and explain the box of wires you have in your hands is for playing streetfighter? Seems like I’ll have to show up pretty early in case they freak out.


I’ve always put it in my check in luggage (WRAPPED IN A FUCKTON OF BUBBLE WRAP) and I’ve never had a problem in years. Even through customs.


I Bring it in my madcatz bag…They will ask to bag check it…Always you can bring it carry on…it happens everytime


I’ve always placed mine in a travel bag and wrapped it up in bubble wrap. Never had a problem.


Same here. Packed it, but I used a towel or two. Then if I’m also bringing a console, I stick it between sets of clothes and surround the sides with socks, skivvies, etc.



well, u can either send it in as a check in luggage (Just wrap it in a shitload of wrapping bubble or towels), or u can just bring it as carry on. Just pull it out of the carry bag and set it down on one of those X-ray tray (don’t worry, it won’t break), and u should be okay.


I always bring my custom stick as carry on. Just make sure to take it out and put it in one of the bins for the x-ray. The worst that has happened was they took it aside for a minute and did some type of test for explosives. If they ever ask me what it is I just say its a video game controller for the ps3/360.

I’ve had several TSA workers even give me props on my custom case. You’ll also have a much less hassle on the return flight because they will have seen a bunch of players with them.


You should be able to carry it on 100% of the time. The only difference I’ve seen with TSA is whether they ask me to take it out of my bag or not when I go through screening. So far only Atlanta has made me pull it out of my travel bag and screen it separately.

I use the Astro padded duffel bag, fits perfectly in the overhead.


I was thinking in creating this topic lol.
Specially because I’m not american, so I’m comming in from outside, it’ll be even more suspicious.

I just hope the airport guards don’t freak out and think that I’m a brazilian terrorist planning to blow up Vegas or something like that.
Reminds me of this, I hope this doesn’t happen to me lol


Put that uncomfortable hunk of metal up your ass. It’s the only place you can hide it.