Airport information for Evolution 2004

Los Angeles International Airport to Cal Poly Pomona - 44 minutes
Ontario International Airport to Cal Poly Pomona - 16 minutes
John Wayne Airport to Cal Poly Pomona - 30 minutes

All these airports times are without traffic at non peak hours, remember that when booking flights and times.

2 things to remember, while flying into LAX, it will be cheaper, but you need cabfare or a ride to Cal Poly which will be a 44 minute drive time.

If you fly into Ontario, CA, and stay at the Shilo Inn hotel that we have arranged, there is shuttle service to and from the airport courtesy of Shilo Inn. Flying into Ontario most times is more expsensive, but you dont have to worry about transportation.

And I’m assuming it’s like 2 hrs or 3 hrs to go from OHare to cal.?

yeah its something like that, not including time zone shifts

for those of you flying Jetblue into Long Beach… the travel time between Long Beach and Calpoly is about 30 minutes. (not during rush hour)

Chicago to LA is 4 hrs.

When is the tournement(EVO)? where, and how much for all 3 days? I’m in Alaska for the summer(work) and a good torney would do me a whole lotta good.

is there a schedule in which the shuttle from shilo inn come by the air port?

how often does it make its routation?

and is there any way u can gate a rate for a single room in shilo in?

  1. Last year at EVO, when you get to the airport, just call the Shilo. They have a phone right by the airport exit with a board showing a bunch of tourist spots and a phone that you can use to call the Hotel. The number is listed on that board. When you call them, Shilo will send their shuttle asap, if it isnt already on their way picking someone else up. It took about 20 minutes for the shuttle to get to the Airport from Shilo. I remember it was 20 minutes cuz I smoked 2 cigarettes. CHAIN SMOKAH!

  2. Honestly, $80 a night is a damn good deal. So try to find other people to room with.

thnx for the response,
i ll end up getting people with me probably, thnx,and appreciate teh response

I am coming from LAX airport unfortunately :frowning:

Anyone know approximately how much the cab fare from LAX would cost?
Or if there are any buses/shuttles from LAX airport? (and the approximate price of course, hehe)

I have been advised to rent a car for the week (staying in LA for about a week, until 4th January). Is this a wise choice? or would cab fares/buses work out cheaper? (assuming there are buses round there).
I’m guessing we’d need a car to go round shopping or sightseeing as well.

Also if someone can post directions from LAX to Pomona or link a map, that would also be appreciated :slight_smile:

Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

ok this sounds really good. I dont know if anyone from Edmonton is coming to evo wit me. So if theres anyone that wouldnt mind me rooming wit them, REPLY!!!
$80/night, thats split between 4 people right??? so looking at $20/night per person.