Airport security

Has anyone had any experience trying to get their fightsticks through airport security? I will be traveling soon and am wondering if they will typically hassle you.

If you take it as your carry-on, it probably won’t give you much more trouble than a laptop. And I highly recommend you take it as your carry-on, because they have been known to bang the hell out of luggage loading and unloading. Not the best place to keep your stick.

I took mine as a carry on just yesterday and had no real problems with it. They asked to scan my bag twice so I’m assuming they saw the stick and didn’t really know what it was. Other than that though, they didn’t hassle me about it.

if your stick is a custom, please have clean wiring, so that it doesnt look like anything thats suspicious and whatnot.

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Usually, being honest, straight forwards and calm works best when dealing with TSA personnel

I think getting scanned or pat down is more of a concern these days :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes & it shouldn’t be a problem.

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I work for the TSA. Easiest thing to do is take it out of your bag and run it through the x-ray by itself. The worst that will happen is a TSO will do an ETD test on it.

Thanks for all the replies. What the heck is an ETD and what does it entail?

If you have a custom make sure u clean up ur wiring lets just say my stick was oncew thought to be something else.

Explosives Trace Detection. If the x-ray operator can’t tell, or know, that it is an arcade stick they will get another TSO to swipe it with a piece of cloth, then run it through a machine to see if traces of explosives are present.

Which is understandable considering they didn’t know what it was. An arcade stick can potentially make up a few of the piece to make an IED, aka bomb.