Air's SSF4 Matchups Tier List



Because I just LOVE petty arguments on the Ryu forum, I thought I’d repost this here and get some input! It should be a nice topic to confront those who think Ryu has no bad matchups, or those that think he has advantage against much of the cast. That is…if anybody actually wants to bitch about this either way. Here ya go!

Air (Ryu): My Matchup Tier List for Ryu
Abel - 5.5 / 4.5
Adon - 6 / 4
Akuma (Gouki) - 5 / 5
Balrog (Boxer) - 6 / 4
Blanka - 5.5 / 4.5
Cammy - 6 / 4
Chun Li - 5.5 / 4.5
Cody - 5 / 5
C.Viper - 5 / 5
Dan - 4.5 / 5.5
Deejay - 5 / 5
Dhalsim - 7 / 3
Dudley - 5 / 5
El Fuerte - 6 / 4
E.Honda - 5 / 5
Fei Long - 6.5 / 3.5 (Mago told me that he thinks it’s a 7:3 matchup in Fei Long’s favour)
Gen - 5 / 5
Gouken - 5 / 5
Guile - 6.5 / 3.5
Guy - 5 / 5
Hakan - 4.5 / 5.5
Ibuki - 5 / 5
Juri - 5.5 / 4.5
Ken - 5 / 5
Makoto - 4.5 / 5.5
M.Bison (Dictator) - 6 / 4
Rose - 6 / 4
Rufus - 5 / 5
Ryu - 5 / 5
Sagat - 5 / 5
Sakura - 5 / 5
Seth - 5.5 / 4.5
T.Hawk - 5 / 5
Vega (Claw) - 5 / 5
Zangief - 5 / 5

Just to be clear, this is all just one man’s opinion. This guy is a frequent tourney player in Japan as well as Canada.

I’d probably agree with most of this. I personally feel that Ryu has an advantage versus C.Viper and Guy. Probably T.Hawk as well. E.Honda is my own personal bane. But I can see how if played properly it can be a 5/5. I’d agree with Mago when he claims Fei as 7/3. Guile and bison are probably not quite as bad as listed here, but they probably do have a decent advantage.

So uh…any thoughts?



everyone is trying to downplay their character.

gen vs ryu is 5/5 :rolleyes:


Agree w most of it. I think ryu is advantage against sakura though.
The key for tier list is player of same level.
So charc may be disadvantaged but player level can be decisive.

5-5 with Honda… Can be done if u play w high lvl of focus and not get casual, really trying to gun for the win.
Else I think is more like 6-4. His damage output and defense is too high. Most Honda I see are crap w him though. Those whom after blocked hundred slap mix up into fwd dash U2 scare me.


I think Ryu has easier matches then those. Vega, Dan, sak, and seth are much more favored for ryu. The rest seems pretty accurate. You have to be on top of your game to win with ryu.

Oh and add at least .5 to cody, dudley, GOUKEN, AND GUY


So he thinks Ryu wins 3 matchups in the entire game? That literally the ONLY matches he wins are vs. garbage tier (Dan/Makoto/Hakan). REALLY???

–Jay Snyder


Not so much downplay as challenge those that think of the character as some easy answer for all of the SF4 series’ challenges.




A lot of these just don’t even seem right.


Wait until AE list !


don’t see how ryu loses to fei long. If anything that matchup is a 5/5. Same with most of them. Everyone has there own style.


I don’t agree with some of these matchups but he does have a lot of them right. I don’t see how honda vs ryu is 5-5 at all. Also ryu is a hard character to score since EVERYONE can find a good ryu partner to train with. So everyone knows how to fight ryu so i can see how a ryu player would find all his matchups tougher then we assume them to be.


poor ryu


Out footsies him. Fei is blazing fast, Focus attack is amazing.


On the right hand, There’s almost no way to beat Fei w Ryu.
Ryu can only attempt some wild strategy to force the game into a guessing match. Even that is advantages to Fei due to his hk chicken wing escape (you cant meaty trap him) and superior damage output. He doesn’t even need an ultra to land > 300 damage. Any fb against him is suicidal.
I used to think he suck due to Ryu being able to sweep his non lp rekka. Well, he doest even need that to win easily if you use him well.

He is a worse match up than vanilla sagat. Being able to force a guessing match at practically anytime he like, at his advantage.

You can’t zone , footsie, turtle him. Gotta take risk and rushdown and bait, while trying to stop him escaping w hk chicken wing.


LOL. I like how you described how to win against fei in the other thread

Sure. Just make him whiff.:confused: Go troll the Hakan forums…

I think air’s list is a little down on ryu though. Ryu vs Dan is only 5.5/4.5?

I think AE ryu might even move up a little because some of his hardest matchups are getting better - guile, adon, sim…


Don’t see how guile and adon got better. I assumed it would be worse due to lack of escape tatsu + adon’s buffs.

TC forgot to add in Air’s notes on low tier characters:

Air-----And not forget to mention, all the matchup are based on my experience from JAPAN. For example low tier characters like DAN, HAKAN, GEN etc and Japanese players like stripfighter (DAN), wildcat (Hakan), Amiyu (Gen) who are really good with their characters. THEY ARE NOT BASED ON North America’s standard where they just taunt with Dan, Hakans that just pour oil all over themselves or Gen just jumping off the wall like Spider-Man.


Well stop playing spamming Vega’s with no decent game.

My personal God, has said that Ryu is at a disadvantage to Vega. What does that tell you? And he was the best Vega in both Vanilla and Super, what does that tell you again?


lol @ trolling.

And you are? :confused:

Anyways for more serious people,

rock vega is definitely a 5/5. I definitely agree with that. U2 and that he does good damage with his pokes. I don’t know his changes in AE tho, but fighting decent Vegas is tough for Ryu.

stanzza: Personally I never had a problem with Fei Long and there are good ones here in the EC at that. (and I remember a foreigner who caught me off guard). Post AE he couldn’t keep ryu cornered as long as he had a way to get out. Now in AE he can completely dominate ryu unless ryu takes a risk. I never played risky vs him till now. I always tried to wait for a whiff and score a knockdown from far and go from there.


Any of you want to play me? I havent played a decent Ryu in a long time, and i love the match up.


Ryu vs. Rufus 5-5? Ryu loses to fuerte? Honda vs. ryu is even? c’mon man…