Who can air throw in this game? I just found out that Chun-li can while watching EVO2003.

Chun, Oro, Hugo

Hugo has an anti-air throw, but can’t throw while jumping.

Also, Ibuki can air throw.

(Normal ground throws have 2 frames of startup. Ryu has 1150 HP.)

Chun’s airthrow has 5 frames of startup and does 80 damage. (7% on Ryu)
Ibuki’s airthow has 6 frames of startup and does 160 damage. (14% on Ryu)
Oro’s airthrow has 6 frames of startup and does 180 damage. (16% on Ryu)

In general, Ibuki has the least range and Oro has the most. This doesn’t include Chun’s air karathrow, there’s no data for that.

Oro’s throw does more damage the higher you throw from

you can combo into chun air throw

throw ex fireball
dash up in front of it
have oppenent get hit by jumping on top of it and have chun throw

it works 2 hits :tup:

You can OTG Dudley after Oro’s airthrow with either Yagyou or Tengu.

I am SO trying that next time I play!

ha good luck

it happened against me when chun threw a ex and i kept jumping back to the corner while chun was dashing to me.
i missed the air parry (while coming down from the corner and chun jumped and threw me)

me and edma (who was playing chun) stopped playing and we were like


it was pretty funny, but the reality of it is that this will never happen in a serious match

Really?? So how does that work? I just super after I recover from airthrow or something?

no. That’s not what happened. It was the other way around. Chun Li threw you onto the EX fireball.

(ed told me btw. In case your’e wondering how i know)

why don’t more peeps air throw with Ibuki or Oro then, cause 14 and 6% is a lot of damage and if most peeps can’t it tech, that free damage isn’t it.

Every character can tech airthrows, even if they don’t have an airthrow themselves. That said, I can’t say I’ve seen an airthrow get teched in a real match very often (maybe 3 or 4 times ever).

lol i am trying to imagine that

Don’t imagine, just do it. Toss a Yagyou out and airthrow Dudley into it. For Tengu, activate (regular or EX), then airthrow, then stick out a low Short or low Forward immediately after you recover. You can link after the OTG if either you or Dudley is in the corner.

Useless? Yes. But so is any Dudley OTG.

ohh yeah haha
thanks for correcting me c-royd (and ed)

damn. my bad guys.

but thats still kinda cool that you can do that.

isn’t that more like a juggle?

Oro’s airthrow puts the opponent directly on the ground, not flying through the air. When you try it yourself, you’ll see that it’s a real OTG than can be escaped by quickstanding like any other Dudley OTG.

with the yagyou otg you can also combo afterwards if you make it so he gets hit by all 5 hits of the yagyou. I only got it to work in the corner but it probably works outside the corner as well.