What is it?
Akatsuki Blitzkampf started as a PC doujin fighter and is as of February 28th, 2008, an official arcade game.

Yo, I don’t wanna play some faggot animu doujin fighter.
Try clicking the link above. It’s not like Arcana or Melty at all. This game plays like a mix between 3S and CvS2 with a bit of Guilty.

But I hate 3S/CvS2/life.
Yeah, you probably won’t like this game then.

Where can I get gameplay info?
The Akatsuki wiki on my site has detailed information about the PC version. There’s a fair number of tweaks and rebalances in the arcade version so it’s not wholly up to date. The information from the wiki was largely transcribed from the Japanese wikiby nekich, with some strats and info written by the players.

I don’t want to read all that shit. Gimme a quick summary.
The game plays similarly to standard Capcom fighters, and parries are commands with whiff recovery. There are more chain combos than 3S but not to the level of Guilty. Gameplay is largely based around spacing and footsies.

This is the layout: (yes, we are using faggot number notation)

7 8 9
4 5 6 A B C
1 2 3

A = light attack
B = medium attack
C = heavy attack
A+B + direction = throw
A+B = tech throw
B+C = reflect (parry)
A+B+C = Level 3 super

Specials are done with standard SF motions and A, B, or C. Supers are done with the motion plus B+C. When you have 3 levels, press A+B+C and you’ll do your level 3; no motion required.

What about gameplay footage?

24 HOUR BLITZ TV: http://www.mogulus.com/rithli



There’s also Niconico videos of Blitz linked throughout the thread, keep an eye on Rithli’s posts for the latest from Japan.

Older PC version footage:

Basic Soldat combos and loops
Blitzkampf community Youtube account
Some Mycale stuff

How do I watch shit on Niconico?

Click here. You need to register for an account. It’s free.

This game looks fucking boring.

Blitz is supposed to have a very approachable system which is easy to learn with emphasis on spacing and mindgames. The game is more fun to play than to watch, and once you play the game you can watch matches and begin to appreciate the depth of the mental battle.

Why did you start a new thread?
Because woof doesn’t check SRK that often so he can’t update the old thread.

IRC channel?
#akatsuki, irc.mizuumi.net.


Part 1, nekich’s list
Part 2, Rithli’s list



Woo, awesometastic.

Arcade footage should be popping up pretty soon, assuming from the number of Akatsuki AA events held in various Japanese arcades along the duration of March. One of the first events/tournies is being held is at Kohatsu, and since those guys are usually pretty good about uploading vids, updated content shouldn’t be too long.

Due to the lack of vids being upped, I’ve been (obsessively) stalking the 2ch AA forums, and it seems like it’s recieving a good response.


Come on people, jump on this game!





Started playing PC version lately a lot more.

Kanae is the most fun grappler ever.

And shes hot.

And a nazi.



Still no vids.



3 vids are now at Ko-Hatsu’s “Event” page.

(links below lead to YouTube)
[media=youtube]WbO29H59shI[/media] (epic due to the music and an edited Mycale’s/Perfecti’s stage)

And if my eyes serve me right, then, whoah, it seems Anon is the ranbat winner. Madness.



As far as I can tell, Anonym is the same, outside of having PEW PEW THICK laser bullets and being a bit faster all around.

I’m fine with that.


Why the fuck is my character shooting golf balls now!?
The feather effects on Anonym’s flipshot are amazing.


Dude, those bullets are thick as hell, that’s a good thing! Those j.C’s were crossing up when they wouldn’t before.



Looks like a blast.


Looks great. But at this point, I think I’ll be fine waiting for the AC release to get either “re-ported” back to the PC, or get a port to the PS2, before I’ll actually start playing it to some degree of some degree of seriousness.


yesssssss!!! so are they gonna do another pc release after the arcade???




dat nigga bell keepin shit HYPHY


I feel like shit.:sad: I love FGs and when I saw this game(combos/matches) I thought to myself:“Hell no. This looks boring. I’m not gonna play it.” And today I DL the demo and low and behold I love it. Dammit I suck.


Awesome matches, nekich. That Anonym was great; it’s making me want to learn how to use her properly. Fritz’s dash effect looks really good too. Boo for the fluorescent orange blood though.

And good luck to you people building an Akatsuki community in the US. This game deserves attention.


We’re all hoping they will, but no word on this. Hopefully a PS2 port will come like it did with Arcana.


Yea that orange blood is disappointing. Fritz/Mura’s cutters will look very weird with orange goo all over the place.

It’s good to see Anonym winning with feathers and golf balls.

This game needs hype!


That’s what I’d like to see too.

Of course, they would need help with publishing, wouldn’t they? The fact that they published this game in the Arcades by themselves is already something…


It’s too early to talk about ports.