Akatsuki Blitzkampf at EVO~

Would anyone be interested if there was a tournament held for this at Evo?

Cuz there will be one.

Let’s do teams and SHIT.



posting in epic thread

team event plx

blitz heil!

So do you guys want to do a team tournament on Sunday (who cares about finals)?

How’s that sound? Zar / Chibi vs H-F / Bell?

I like the idea. Perhaps we can cross-post this on Melty Bread considering the number of new players that have gotten into it since AM3. If there’s enough interest, then I gotta dust off my skills and start training again. :X

omggggg i haet u guys

<3 <3 <3

This is me right now x 6:

frowny face
(If this is really going to happen I will attempt to reschedule that weekend so I can go[???])

This is really going to happen.

Zar and myself plan on just blowing off Finals on Sunday and holding something in the hotel rooms or what have you.

If you were to come it’d be fucking awesome.

Sunday huh? The only thing I wanted to watch at grand finals was Brawl so I could witness firsthand how hilariously bad it’s going to turn out when someone trips in the final match. And wear Final Destination comics on a white t-shirt. D:

I’m down for Blitz at Evo.

oh the hype~ i just might go to evo for this!!

I guess I’ll play for the hell of it, make Zar happy.

they call me the orko

OK! I am doing this. I am arriving on Friday evening. I am joining Bell and co in the **BLITZROOM. **

I’ll talk with Zar/Bell/Chibi/somebody and will organize a more formal post about this event (tourney format, set a time/date, etc) so we can reel some people in. WITH FORMALITY. O_O I don’t really care for it much but it seems to do the trick.

YOU WILL ALL EAT MY BOOB SPLASH IN VEGAS (and I will eat all your food)

god rithli you totally made my fucking day, seriously

i dont give a fuck about melty anymore

:rofl: :lovin:

If the entry is $5 I’m totally up for this.

Check the AkaTWOki Blitzkampf @ Evo thread on Melty Bread since most of the people interested in this tourney post there.