Akatsuki Blitzkampf: The Dream Is Dead


What is it?

Akatsuki Blitzkampf started as a PC doujin fighter and is as of February 28th, 2008, an official arcade game.

I don’t wanna play some ****** animu doujin fighter.

Try clicking the link above. It’s not like Arcana or Melty at all. This game plays like a mix between CvS2 and a bit of SF3:2I. It has SF-style gameplay with a tiny bit of doujin engine thrown in.

Here’s a quick checklist:


  • Footsies
  • Combos
  • Lots of Male Characters For Those Who Hate Girls in Fighting Games
  • Airblocking
  • Guard Meter
  • A Timer
  • Chip Death
  • Standard 3-level Super Bar
  • An Arcade Release Which Nobody Has Access to Besides AI


  • Lolis
  • Airdashes
  • Huge Aircombos

Where can I get gameplay info?

The Akatsuki wiki on my site has detailed information about the PC version. There’s a fair number of tweaks and rebalances in the arcade version so it’s not wholly up to date. The information from the wiki was largely transcribed from the Japanese wikiby nekich, with some strats and info written by the players.

Note: the wiki does not have the game for download. Don’t ask me where to get it.

I don’t want to read all that shit. Gimme a quick summary.

The game plays similarly to standard Capcom fighters, and parries are commands with whiff recovery. There are more chain combos than 3S but not to the level of Guilty. Gameplay is largely based around spacing, footsies, and baits.

This is the layout: (yes, we are using ****** number notation)

7 8 9
4 5 6 A B C
1 2 3

A = light attack
B = medium attack
C = heavy attack
A+B + direction = throw
A+B = tech throw
B+C = reflect (parry)
A+B+C = Level 3 super

Specials are done with standard SF motions and A, B, or C. Supers are done with the motion plus B+C. When you have 3 levels, press A+B+C and you’ll do your level 3; no motion required.

Can I macro?

The PC version has binds for macros so we are allowing them. The arcade version does NOT; it is a three-button fighter.

What about gameplay footage?

24 HOUR BLITZ TV: http://www.mogulus.com/rithli

Basic Soldat combos and loops
Some Mycale stuff

This game looks fucking boring.

Blitz is supposed to have a very approachable system which is easy to learn with emphasis on spacing and mindgames. The game is more fun to play than to watch, and once you play the game you can watch matches and begin to appreciate the depth of the mental battle.

This game is fucking random RPS bullshit.

The three-tier mixup system in Blitz is its central feature. While it may seem random at first there are ways you can force RPS situations into your favor so that they’re no longer pure chance, but weighted for you. Proper spacing and good reaction can punish bad reflects, and good reads will help you both defend yourself as well as figure out how to defeat your opponent’s defense. Playing the game against better players is recommended, as at lower levels Blitz can become somewhat RPS-heavy.

This game is too simple.

The execution and general tech for Blitz is very low compared to most fighting games. This was an intentional design so the game is more accessible and that the higher levels of play become opened up quicker, without having to go through the menial tasks of mastering link combos and situational BnBs. If you want a fighter that’s too damn complicated for its own good, I recommend IaMP!

Why did you start a new thread?

Because it deserves it, goddamnit. Also woof is BANNED so he can’t update the old thread.

Got an IRC channel for me to lurk or ask stupid questions?

#akatsuki, irc.mizuumi.net. Use this link if you don’t have a client already.

Is there netplay?

Blitz probably received the most netplay tweaks in the history of doujin fighters. It came with built-in netplay which was garbage, as well as a matchmaking service that was flaky at best and no longer used. Then a few years later, it was hacked to make the netplay more playable but was still considered inferior in connection quality to the popular Caster program utilized for Melty Blood: Act Cadenza and Immaterial and Missing Power. After the sudden resurge of interest in Blitz, our intrepid coder has made a third Caster program which enables all of us to play the game without having to deal with its built-in netplay.

Details can be found on the Netplay page of the wiki.

Is there an offline scene?

Team Spooky and Friends plays. We’ve been starting to get a small weekly scene going over in SoCal as well, and Arcade Infinity has the arcade board.

What are the changes for arcade?

Here’s a partial list. Most of the changes were aesthetic; the arcade version looks much, much better than the PC one (and the PC one isn’t even bad).

Part 1, nekich’s list
Part 2, Rithli’s list

Why should I play this game?

  • It’s fun.
  • It’s faster than SF4.
  • It’s a doujin game without a bunch of lolis or airdashes and feels more like a Capcom game.
  • It’s easy to pick up and play casually, but can also be engaging and full of mindgames.
  • It has SF-style spacing and footsies but also has more interesting combos without going overboard.
  • It has parries but fireballs are still useful.
  • It has a variety of characters suited for all styles of play.
  • It has an active netplay scene if that’s what you’re into. In fact the netplay just got revised into Caster so now the quality is better than its ever been.
  • It isn’t Million Loops Vermilion.


Also to add to how it plays, it’s like if mostly(?) everyone could combo like 3s Necro (but not limited to the corner!) You can play turtle, rush, any way you want to. There’s a block meter so you can’t block 24/7 either, you can die from chip etc so a lot of “capcom” style mechanics are built in. It’s a really well made “doujin” fighter.


Honestly, this game is great. I just don’t want to play it without the most recent version though. I wish AA would come to PC.


We all do. In the meantime we’re getting our fix with PC.

The arcade version’s tweaks are honestly mostly minor. The core gameplay was not changed in any way at all; the way the game works and the majority of the tech for each character did not change for AA. Even SF2CE -> SF2HF had more changes than ABK PC -> ABK:AA. The majority of the fixes were aesthetic: backgrounds become actual backgrounds instead of photographs, characters got new dash/walking animations, and so on.

The major changes that will affect the game are:

  • Akatsuki, Marilyn, Wei, Blitztank, and Fritz ABCs are all nerfed. Less damage for Aka and Myc, Wei no longer has hyper armor, Tank’s beam no longer has 2F startup, and Fritz’s deals less damage and is now blockable. These changes were all good for proper balance, since they were overpowered (aside from Fritz ABC becoming blockable, which seemed unnecessary to me).

  • From what we understand, Blitztank, Kanae, Soldat, Adler, and Mycale were unchanged (except for Adler’s entirely new voice set). I’m going off memory on this one so I’m probably forgetting something.

  • Anonym got buffed in that her bullets became larger.

  • Murakumo received an entire new normal moveset, and received a nerf to his mines; they disappear when he’s hit now.

  • Wei, Marilyn and Sai got nerfed in the juggle department so their combos aren’t as ridiculous. Akatsuki may have received a small damage nerf. Marilyn airthrow was nerfed so it didn’t lead to ridiculous mixups.

  • Some reflectors don’t juggle as high. We’ve heard Sai is the main culprit but haven’t been able to confirm 100% what was different.

  • Perfecti is added as a new character; obviously, this changes the game by a lot.

Since the arcade version isn’t out in the US at all besides AI, I think it’s better to use the PC version as a means to learn the game and develop a community for the arcade version rather than try to start anew.


Who cares, the PC version is still playable.


this game is all sorts of lol and fun.


The OP looks sweet! :tup:

I have a silly question though: is this a new version of the game or something? Why is this thread being used over and above the old one?

v v v awwp, my bad, good shit man


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Naw, but seriously, this game is really beastly. I just wish I could play the fucking thing on my shitty shit computer.
Fuck my shitty shit computer and its shitty shit.


lol how did woof get himself banned?


Awesome, new thread and great 1st post. I’ve been getting my Bltiz groove on the past few days, but I still need to work out my stuff when it comes to the basics and such, but it’ll be damn worth it.

Also, the caster’s (as early as it maybe) is MUCH better than the old netplay scheme. Good stuff :tup:

The caster and the english options file, for starters. You’ll find them on the wiki.


Still working on the netplay stuff, just been kind of worn out lately. Still, expect an update addressing most of the major issues fairly soon, though it’ll break compatibility with existing clients.

Mainly concerned about the desync issues right now. I have no idea what’s up with those, especially since it works during normal netplay, so I suspect that one will take awhile to work out.


I <3 you mauve :D.


is the online good for this game? Damn It needs a release on PS2 or XBLA!


Take your time, mauve. Appreciate the effort you’re going through with this. :tup:

Why don’t you get the game, get on over to the chatroom and find out? :smile:


I <3 mauve too.
Now I just need to upgrade my shitty shit computer. >_<


It’s definitely good yeah, well worth checking it out.

This is such a solid game. I ended up dropping most of my other fighters for this…
ps. mauve rocks


For those that had issues with desyncs; Mauve updated today with a new test version that should help avoid some desyncs. It’s still a test version though.


If you guys have questions, READ THE WIKI. It answers 98% of questions asked.



Wiki page updated with new Caster version. Main features:

  • Desync problems fixed
  • Spec can double-speed now to catch up
  • Random select and random stages fixed
  • Always on top implemented