AKB's Minami Minegishi humiliated for dating a guy. Oh Japan

Really Japan?. Just because of dating a guy?.

Here’s the video of the “apology”. Well it’s down, but here’s some video.


Here’s the transcript of what she said

If I remember correct, this is the group of young girls that become interchangeable divas for Japanese music, actresses and modeling.

Didn’t know they didn’t let the girls date, crazy…

If sign up to get for a job where you have to look pure, untouched and available dont get caught with dick in your mouth. Thats how the Idol business works. You sell your soul to get famous.

Since you got a loli av, I deem you the authority on this matter. Thank you for the clarification.

I don’t understand most of this, but I get the impression that it’s pretty fucked.

It is not that different here actually. Both Spears and Agulera were promoted as Virgins who just happened to act like sluts. Almost all “Idols” are shown in this way and are expected to preform as such.

Get back to me when she shaves that forest of Middle Earth from her crotch.

  1. Wear slutty clothes in music videos for public consumption.
  2. Get demoted for fucking 1 guy in private by the people who make you wear said slutty clothes.
  3. ???
  4. Profit

Doesn’t Japan have a serious issue with getting their people to make babies? Could this be an example why?

I know how she feels, though. I was also publically humiliated for dating a guy once.

It’s jap and loli no body cares.

LOL Japan
Also, it seems that the Idol life is not like Idolmaster put it

That’s part of it, yeah.

That’s fucking wack, yo.

Why do you think like that? Hmm? You are a punk.

I have an animu avatar, does that make me an authority as well? :rofl:

Haha, I thought animu sugarcoats almost everything in general. :coffee:

Serves her right for allowing her heart to be stolen by some young, presumably rebellious lady-killer who uses his talent to woo unsuspecting women into his lair. First there’s casual dating. Then what? Kissing? Heavy petting? Love Slave? BONDAGE?!

Her purity has been defiled and if I were a fan I’d be done with her too. DONE!

For shame Miss Minegishi. For shame. :shake:

Oh sweet Jesus another Loli loving smashboards import.
FFS guys get your shit together.

Just because it’s a cartoon does not make you any less of a pederast.

Who said that I am a pederast? I did not say that. You are assuming things that are not true, punk bitch.

Ok first punk is not even an insult,Second i’m older then you.
You really should be ashamed of yourself for defending loving loli’s.