Aki ps360+ home button/back button suggestions


Okay. Just did my first newbie dual mod using a solderless method. Here’s my issue now.

I replaced the back button with the usb pass through. Sick. Proud of that. Came out awesome. Apparently start+back mimmick the guide button. Eff. So now I have no guide button and no back button.

Do you have any suggestions on what to do? Soldering isn’t an option right now. Is there a way to create a macro through the firmware??? Is there a way to get the home/guide to work without soldering?


What stick are you using? There might be room to drill a hole for a new Select button.
Are there any other buttons on there, Turbo perhaps?


I’m using a te marvel 2 stick.




You have no choice but to either drill a hole for your back button or solder it to the guide or turbo button…

I’d say drill it in the cable compartment and put the neutrik there. That way it’s covered from dust when not in use.

Make to sure open it up and plan ahead so you don’t make any drilling mistakes


Good idea djflip. Thanks bro. :-/. I hate to do it but I guess I have no choice. Haha.