Akihabara shop?

what’s the deal with it, is it open? i haven’t heard anything about anyone buy something from it since june '09.

Because no one types about it?
March 2010 Orders are already shipping.

basically yes, thanks jdm i was worried becasue i read on another forum the shop was closed until june (guess it was june 09).

I ordered from them recently, got my stuff fast and fine :smiley:

I ordered from them recently too. Everything seemed fine.

I’ve seen a message on their website saying that they gather orders to buy from the manufacturer in larger quantities… Has anyone had any experience with that delaying your order? How long does it take to get stuff from them?

I placed an order on March 26th, and they sent me an email that said it was shipped out on the 2nd of April. Usually I receive the order within 5 business days of them saying it was sent out.

I think they gather the orders up for the week and then send them out.

I ordered on the 30th and mine shipped on the 2nd also, got tracking etc already. Was amazed myself at how fast it was.

well i followed your advice and order a while ago, everything got fine too. i think the buttons a cheap compared to other places but the jlf are maybe a bit cheaper on lizardlick.

Ordered from them recently, got my stuff a couple of weeks ago.