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Ten days and my order is not processed Akishop is very slow


They are still moving. I placed an order on 4/25 and my order just shipped. I would use a different service but no one else sells rg buttons so it’s better to be patient than to not have them at all i guess.


I expect that my order will ship early


Don´t buy in www.akishop.jp is very slow and don´t ship the order i don´t recommend this shop


I´m in the same situation akishop is very slow shop


Just ordered two OBSF-30s and an LS-32 SE. I’ll give them 3 weeks before I take it to paypal :tongue:


Is this something the shop will sell once it comes outs?


Is Akishop still going? I thought they had closed doors already.


They’re alive, just slow. Ordered 3 weeks ago and was promised my order would ship tuesday the 13th. It’s now friday thr 16th and no update. Avoid if you’re not patient.


After all the negative exposure this shop’s gotten over the last year or so… be it poor-to-nonexistent communication or glacial shipping speed…


(And no, your answer of “well I can’t get [enter part name here] from anywhere else” really doesn’t cut it, under the circumstances.)


For me is more cheaper the item than focusattack, paradise arcade shop or arcadeworld uk for me is the most cheapest item and ship cost are more lower that the shop that i have see.


…which is irrelevant when you pay lower prices but don’t receive what you’ve ordered for weeks-to-months, IF you ever even see it at all.

“You get what you pay for.” There’s a good reason why that’s an old saying that’s been translated into countless languages within representative cultures.


So I ordered at the beginning of June and wrote to akishop via mail that I want to change my order (different colors) at like the 20th of June. He said, no problem and that he will ship it that week. He didn’t and I opened a PayPal ticket at the 3rd of July asking him to cancel my order because he hasn’t shipped yet. No answer, so I handed the case over to PayPal at the 9th of July. Now I got a message that akishop shipped but I already ordered and got my buttons from arcadeworlduk. Anyone knows how PayPal will react? They didn’t say anything yet and I don’t want the order from aki now because I’m good. Just want the money back.


I ordered a couple Seimitsu button plugs and an LS-40 from these guys on April 30th. The order was marked as shipped on May 25th and arrived June 28th.

No regrets

When ordering from Akishop its best to assume that you will never get your order. In my case, 2 months later after ordering, I was blown away at the swiftness of its arrival speed.


Any news ?


So this was 3 months ago, and my stuff finally arrived today (I live in Ontario, Canada). So while I don’t think they’re scammers, a few things need to be said if anyone has any plans of ordering from these guys.

  1. Get tracking if you don’t wanna sit in fear that your package got lost. I know the cheap prices make you want to save even more and cheap out on shipping, but the money you save isn’t worth the fear factor. It’s only a couple bucks more. Use it.
  2. Be patient and don’t shop here if you need parts for a weekend tournament or whatever. I got my LS-32 and buttons here because I was in no rush to complete the project I needed them for. My guess is that when an order is received, they then order the parts from respective catalogs, wait to receive everything, THEN ship it out to you. Overseas shipping adds even more to the wait time (Order placed May 23, package shipped on Jun 19, arrived today on August 28th).
  3. Especially because of number 2, do as best as you can to make sure your order is as it needs to be. If you need them to cancel because you accidentally got too much or too little of something or you got something wrong entirely, that’s gonna make the wait even longer.


the first time I ordered at akishop about two months ago it arrived after 2 weeks, this month last September 2, I ordered an LS-32, after 3 weeks, I escalated it to PayPal yesterday, later I received that email that they already shipped the item…so my advice for them to deliver fast, escalate it to PayPal everytime you order


Or order from somewhere that won’t require you to crack a whip for proper action…


Bruh I wish I’d seen this thread, all the way out here :anguished:


Finally received my order, dang that took a while.
But it’s all there.
Now to mod my HSS-0136!