Akihabarashop processing

I ordered something from akihabarashop last friday and it got in processing mode late monday but from there it didnt switch to shipping so im kinda confused , anyone who ordered here might give me some infos and yeah i took the EMS shipping 3-5 days. Id like to know if its normal or someone who experienced with akihabarashop could give me some infos of theyre order and how it went.

Akihabarashop ships in batches; it’s normal for it to take a bit to ship out. There is a thread here:

Generally, I have my parts in a week from ordering with EMS. I’d always allow two to be safe, though.

Akihabarashop is different than most retailers. They don’t buy stock and then sell it to you. They take a few days worth of orders, then order those in bulk straight from the manufacturers, then ship it to you. Once it ships, then it will take about 3-5 days.

is it possible they didnt upgrade the processing mod to shipping and it was shipped cause its in processing phase for 4days now

Probably not. They generally will take a picture of your order before it ships out. However, it sometimes will happen that they miss it. You can email contact@akihabarashop.jp if you’re worried about your order. I’d wait until the end of the week at least before I got worried, though. Once it ships, you’ll be able to fully track your order with EMS shipping.

People should really read up on things before sending money…

thx for the info nerrage i hope it gets shipped soon , im kinda worried cause i find it unusual to wait 5days to ship an item 2-3 days k but 5days :confused: it worried me a bit , im still confident about my order even took EMS for shipping to get it as fast as possible and im gettin to wait that much :confused:

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It may be because you ordered on a weekend (Currently 6:30 AM on Friday in Japan, so ordering on Friday meant it was likely after business hours that Friday in Japan or already Saturday). They probably also had shipped out their orders recently, so you might have just ordered a little late for the last “wave”

The shipping will be fast. Once it ships, it doesn’t take too long. Here’s an example tracking of my last order from akihabarashop. http://tracking.post.japanpost.jp/service/singleSearch.do?searchKind=S004&locale=en&reqCodeNo1=EJ127486439JP&x=0&y=0

seems cool , can i ask by what company it was delivred was it USPS? or others

Yes, it will be delivered by USPS.

You should most likely go back to the website and read through it thoroughly, they are quite clear on setting expectations.