Akira Live Action Movie - Summer 2009

Just saw this on another forum, Decaprio! Ahaha, oh my…

New Manhattan?


Fix link please. Here’s another one.

I’m hoping for awesome but the plot details in the press release already conflict with the manga (and not just changing the venue from Japan to the US). I’m realistically expecting something like V For Vendetta where the adaptation didn’t do the original justice, but we still ended up with a decent movie…

Westernized or not, Akira deserves a better adaptation than the anime, and it’s cool that this project is adapting the manga instead of remaking the movie…

I wonder will it be called Akira

If they do not have the ending sequence with only the words…





For about 15 minutes straight, then it is not Akira.


Link fixed…

Uhmm…the fact that, they have a pic of “Akira” from Rival Schools for this article, already tells you that this movie will be more than a failure.

Haha, google image search for the lose.

How are they gonna handle …well, anything? Sure it sounds awesome - a movie about motorcycle gangs in the heart of neo-Tokyo - but I don’t think it’s gonna end up as cool as it sounds.


Though the V movie was VERY different from the comic and it just happened to work out…i’m not so sure akira will be as lucky but still hoping.

If SF4 can happen why not this?

Been wanting a live action Akira for some time now. Hope it turns out good. Don’t hate on DiCaprio, just because he seems like another Hollywood pretty boy doesn’t mean he can’t pull the role off. He’s a great actor and can perform lots of roles, I think he’ll do fine.

lol @ rival schools picture

ok I am hoping for the best here.

This plot would better fit Japan, a foreigner in a biker gang in the 21 century kinda feels like times. A true to comic book feel would make the film ‘hardcore’ but the story at least deserves that type of respect. Finally and most important…MAKE A WORKING BLUEBLADE WITH DETAIL INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN…NO CG BULLSHIT PLEASE

I hear they’ve casted Tetsuo:


Oh man, this movie rocks now! Good ol’ Marn!


I bet Tetsuo and Caneda won’t even be in this though

I think they said it takes place in NY, not Caneda.

Seems like everybody is trying to make anime live action movies.

I’m kind of surprised no one picked the one anime that would actually WORK in live action: Cowboy Bebop

Two years ago, I would have scoffed that this even had a chance of being done well.

Having seen the live action Transformers movie and seeing it faithfully, but in a modern/realistic way bring a cartoon to life…well, hell anything is possible.

Any chance of “Nice Cut!” staying in? :slight_smile: