Akishop 360+ help


I have my Akishop 360+ installed in my xbox 360 TE Stick. Everything works, but the guide button and turbo buttons…Anyone know how I should wire these?


PS360+ does not currently support turbo.

You can activate ‘guide’ by holding down Start+Back at the same time. If you want to use the original TE Guide button for this then you will need to hack the TE pcb either with 3 wires (GND, Signal, VCC) or two wires if you don’t mind cutting the TE pcb traces.


I connected the usb vcc from the upper pcb to the vcc connection, the xguild to the guide and the ground to the akishop ps360. It does work. Is it possible to make the home light up again?


Yes. You need to remove the solder bridge on the PS360+ labelled ‘LED OFF’ then connect the TE LED’s as normal.