** Akishop.jp is now OPEN **

Akihabarashop.jp is now OPEN!

We have now re-launched the web shop with new design, additional url (akishop.jp) and even more great products at quality prices!
What you get when you buy from us is that we buy directly from the manufacturer and then ship it from Japan directly to the customer. Picture of your order before shipping is sent out to the customer as standard.
If you have any questions then feel free to post them in this thread and I will try my best to answer them.

Arigato :).

Akihabara Shop is not responsible for packages lost or damaged during transit. We will always take a photograph of your order before shipping out, but when it is shipped it is out of our hands. We cannot be held responsible for customs or other local taxes imposed when a parcel reaches its destination, please find out what applies to your country before ordering.

Contact sent!

I’ve been checking the site, waiting for it to open for weeks now :slight_smile:

i will be placing my next order from you.


If it is shipping straight from japan how much do you think shipping would be for a stick and 8 buttons to the us? An estimate on shipping is all I ask.

Depends, what joystick and buttons do you want? What kind of shipping do you want?

contact sent, funny i was going to pm you today about parts, then something told me to wait.

nice site BTW

Contact sent!


That GT-0 circular restrictor looks intriguing. I’ve never heard of it untill now. Anyone have any experience with these? Are they better than the octagonal restrictor plates?

Hey Per, good job on getting the site up. It seemed like a long time coming, but I’m glad it’s up. I have a couple of questions though. I know your status report says your next order date is Feb 19th, but when is the latest someone can put in an order before that date so that it will be included? If you’re placing an order morning of Feb 19th your time zone in Sweden, do people need to have orders in by say evening of Feb 18th your time zone? And how often do you plan on making orders? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Thanks in advance.


The GT-O is for the Sanwa JLW-joystick, The OctagonalRestrictor is for Sanwa JLF-joystick.

Right now I am thinking of taking orders and sending them away every 2weeks, this will make it easier for my contact in Japan because he has a regular dayjob also.
About the time, time is calculated so that when it is Feb 19 in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) the orders will be sent away to Sanwa/Seimitsu. Clock is here:

Nice work TRNG! Love the site. Looking forward to ordering more parts from you when I’m ready for another HRAP mod.

Hi man, thanks for all the kind words but I can not take credit for the webpage, I ow it all to the swedish forum member Mayhem. If you ever need a stylish and functional webpage he is the one to ask.
Also, you are welcome with your order :).

Wow, this seems great, nice one. Keep up the good work TRNG.

Whats the easiest way to change my money from dollars to Yen?

You can do it using pay pal. When you go to pay, whatever amount of Yen you need, just pay that amount and pay pal will convert it for you.


It’s not the cheapest, BUT MAN look at the selection! Amazing!

Not the cheapest maybe but we go for quality. Also, if anybody want anything else from the sanwa/seimitsu catalogs it can be bought also. But yeah, good selection as you said.

I’ll have to attest to the great customer service thus far. Per has been very helpful in answering any and all email questions that I’ve asked. Just sent my payment today and I am eagerly awaiting the goods.

Thank you!

Yeah, thanks for the payment.

Also, I have updated the “STATUS” page a little. Will update more tomorrow (I am so tired now from all the sitting).