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Received my PS360+ in the mail today. Glad the waits finally over! Product looks top notch, can’t wait to finish assembling my custom


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So I just got mines in the mail as well and almost done hooking up. Trying to figure out the easiest way to install the stock usb. ANyways, my question is does the new board support the turbo feature?

Never mind on the Turbo, got my answer a few pages back. Any suggestions on how to wire stock usb cord from a Madcatz TE? I read you can remove the usb piece and solder the wires down under that…but I would rather find another option…if possible so I don’t lose that feature later.

Pretty sure they are not in Tokyo or even Japan for that matter. There are other really great spots if you want to visit those. If you’re in the Tokyo area, the main places I’m aware of that sell arcade items like this are Mak Japan and G-Front, both in Akihabara. I’d love be wrong tho and find out these guys are actually in the Tokyo area.

There are dedicated solder points to solder to for USB, right above the RJ45 JST headers. Labeled G, D-, D+, V (not necessarily in that order). I would use those for the easiest install. I don’t think that they’re listed in the user guides just yet.

Yes, there is absolutely no need to remove the USB jack.

I have done a picture of Enochian wonders:


LOL!!! I was just looking at that too!!! Wasn’t 100% sure but thinking about trying it. My only issue is…is that im not the best at soldering yet and those points may be to small. One more question, is it possible to merg the stock usb cord with a RJ45 on the other end to plug into the board? I’ve got a busted cat5 cable and was thinking about using it or just buying the end cap. I found this tutorial RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2 which shows how to just clamp the end but can’t find anything that would match up the different wires between the two.

I think the answer would be answer to soldering the two together:

Both Black soldered to the 1-4 cable for ground
white to the 5th cable for data -
Green to the 6th cable for data +
Red to the the 8th cable for VCC

Would that be right?

I’ve read some rumors about PS360+ and Mayflash not being able to work after XBL comes out with a new patch. Anyone got some thoughts/knowledge about that?

Mayflash sticks have never worked on 360. You need an adapter.

If Microsoft could block PS360+ and every other unlicensed wired 360 pcb, they’d have done so by now.

It says Surface is the cheapest shipping option, yet experimenting with the cart it’s the most expensive at 2370 yen
What’s wrong?

I meant ofc. the Paewang PCB :slight_smile: Anyway, was also just a rumor.

Hey, congratulations on finally getting the PS360+ released, I’m sure it was a pain to deal with! I’ve been following this thread from late last year but never posted. I’m assuming the people who are receiving theirs now are from pre-orders - Is there an estimated time on when they’ll be going to retail?

Also, I’m in the UK and was wondering, when they release, what the best retailer to get them from would be. If gremlinsolutions don’t get them stocked would it be best to get them from USA (focusattack.com) or Canada? (http://www.canadianjoysticks.com/ps360-controller-board-preorder/). Not sure if there would be a difference in shipping costs and import fee. Thanks.


Available immediately.

still waiting on shipping email for my ps360+. The again i also ordered a few cables so who knows.

From what I read, that patch is supposed to affect wireless controllers, which wouldn’t include the PS360+.

ive received my ps360+ greaty quality !!!

So beautiful ^^

I hope to receive mine, next week u_u

just got my parts. thanks akishop!

Sweet!!! I just received my PS360+ PCBs in the mail!!

Wow!! They look awesome!! I even really like the logo and just the packaging in general!

Now time for an installation!! Woo Hoo!!

Hey guys, sorry to bother, but I finally got around to testing the PS360+ on an Xbox 360. The controller registers with the Xbox (Xbox shows controller is connected, LED on the PS360+ shows), but it doesn’t register any button presses or joystick movements. I have it hooked up via RJ45. I tested it on an Xbox that received the recent update from a few days ago and on one that didn’t. Exact same result for both.I’ll also send an email, but I’m hoping that I could possibly get some quick suggestions. Perhaps it’s really simple.

Thanks guys!

EDIT: I reflased the firmware. No dice. :frowning:

did you run grounds to each button/direction and ground it to the ps360?