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God, I wish I still had a job right now. =(

We will cancel your HRAP2:SA order, refund comes tomorrow :).

Per what material are Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons and balltops made from? Due to my OCD, I am now afraid of polycarbonate.

Also was the 2nd run for the HRAP2:SA sticks your suprise product or is there some awesome Sanwa/Seimitsu thing (optical Seimitsus? clear sanwa buttons) we don’t know about yet?

I dont know the exact type of plastic, sorry. You are going to build your own?
It was not 2nd run HRAP2:SA, not optical Seimitsus nor was it clear Sanwa buttons :).
You have to wait and see.

Do the Sanwa parts have a number 7 on them somewhere (such as in a logo saying not to recycle them)?

Plastic #2: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

even the gates?

Ill have to check tomorrow, time for bed now.

I sent out all e-mails now I think. Here are some pics from people who ordered parts also (two orders got missing parts though):











This is what the magazines looks like (Famitsu & Arcadia):


Thanks for refund. whew!

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make me drool. : P

No problem. That is the Famitsu magazine, the other is Arcadia.

Hey per,

I was looking for the recent a-cho tournament DVD for guilty gear. I believe it was 5on5. I can even provide you with a picture.

Oh, and what is the price for an Arcadia Magazine? Plus, knowing what the shipping cost is would be great too.

edit: Here is the pic, but I think this is an arcadia magazine picture. Maybe you get the DVD with it or something.



I can ask if they got the DVD. Price on Arcadia will come next week when we will start selling it :).

Thanks so much, Per. I love you (no homo).

I was about to send in my money for the hrap2 sa, but i noticed that the price is in yen. Thats cool but i’m not exactly sure how to convert it or anything. Can someone help me?

I always use this one:

Although I think paypal autoconverts your currency.

Correct. You xfer whatever currency you want & in this case you simply select Yen from a drop-down menu.

hey realneogeo in this photo http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/3981/joystricktz4.jpg how is part 3(the bearing) supposed to feel after a few months of usage? i took mine out and it was a bit rough.

It is supposed to feel smooth. Did you get the lube?