Akishop ps360 help - start + select not working as guide


hello i recently purchased a duel modded stick with a ps360 in it. everythin works fine but the home feature doesn’t work when i hold down start and select at the same time. can anyone help me thank you


Either your lock switch is on or you need to update the firmware to the latest version.


Another possibility is that the previous owner disabled S+S mode.

See the Akishop PS360+ Software Overview PDF for details on how to check/change your configuration.


thank you for responding i’ll try to update it and i’ll respond back once i do


i think i found the problem its an older version the ps360 not ps360+. i dont think it has that feature but i think im wrong. is there a way to make s+s=guide on the older version the “ps360”?


Take a look at http://akishop-customs.com/PS360Plus.html and try to upgrade your firmware as Gummo suggested.

There’s a PDF on that page on how to firmware update, as well as links to all the firmwares (and all the other docs too).


im sorry to bother you guys again but im having trouble updating it. whenever i try to connect it on filp it say “AtLibUsbDfu.dll not found”. on the site it says update the jungo usb driver but i don’t have it on my pc. if you can, can u tell me how to update the firmware?


The original PS360 cannot be updated and it has no S+S=G feature.

Only the PS360+ can be updated. Please verify which version you have.


i have the PS360


thanks for responding