Akishop PS360 installable on the Fighting Edge?


My FE sticks(PS3) PCB shorted out a few days ago and was wondering if the Akishop PS360 PCB from focusattack.com would be installable on the FE? I know FE is a bit of a special case so I’m not taking any risks until I know for sure that it will work if installed.


Yes, but you’ll probably need to install separate buttons for Start & Select.

The touch panel on the FE is not your friend.


Sort of, you not regain the use of the touch panel and you have to work out how you use Start Select and home


damn, so am I screwed unless I install seperate buttons?


Not completely. What makes you think your FE pcb is dead? Have you fully tested it?


I’m pretty sure. When I plug it into my ps3 the LED lights turn on for about a half second(purple instead of blue too) and then turns off. The ps3 then says that an unknown device has been plugged in. Plug it into my PC and it says some device with garbage values (something like gh567gf9) is being installed, it then says it can’t find the required drivers for said device.


It could just be your USB cable

Hori (and Mad Catz) known to use crappy quality usb cables.


How would I be able to confirm that though?


Replace it and see if your stick works.


C’mon man this is TECH TALK. We mod shit. If you can’t install it inside the stick, then I’m sure we can install it outside the stick. Or wherever! We can put it on your forehead if we want.


^pretty much sums it up


I drilled in start and select on the top rim, on one of the cord doors ;/


multimeter, and check continuity on each of the USB cables 4 lines


I need to redo a wire up picture for start/select on both system versions of the edge. It’s pretty easy.


Mine was an xbox version, but it was the exact same symptoms. Good news. You only have to replace the USB cable…


That’s good at least. I think I may still get the akishop and get a modder to install it for me with a new usb cable. I dont feel like shelling out another 200 bucks for the new HRAP for PS4.


bumping for epicness \ (^o^) /


Please Gummo, WE NEED TO KNOW!!!


Yes, please do a full write up on “How to dualmod a Hori FE” for both systems as well :).


How exactly would I go about replacing the USB cable for the FE?