Akishop PS360 PCB installation video guide UP NOW

Hi guys,

I recently modded my stick and agreed to do a video for JB at FocusAttack.com

The video is live now, here: -
[media=youtube]0SvP2NKK4GA]YouTube - Akishop PS360 PCB Board Installation Guide [FocusAttack.com[/media]

A detailed step by step written guide will be available shortly.

All comments questions etc welcomed. The aim of this is to help those about to tackle the mod who have any questions queries or concerns.

Da Citizen

great mod :slight_smile:

any new news on when they are going to be back in stock?

i ran into problems puting this into the PS3 TE-S. I read online that the turbo panel could not work properly. i followed online instructions to no avail. I bypassed the turbo panel but now it will not get recognized by my PS3 making this a one system stick. are there any known issues with the PS360 and the PS3 TE-S?