Akishop PS360+ PCB Question


Is it possible to use this: http://shop.pe/fWpPsT in place of the PCB in the MadCatz TE sticks. I have a MadCatz TE Stick (Marvel vs. Capcom) w/ out any PCB’s and would like to dual mod it for the previous gen consoles. Right now the stick is sitting in the closet collecting dust and I’d love to resurrect it if possible. Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.

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Yeah it is very easy to do what you just asked for. You’ll just need the parts to put it all together. Does it at least have the turbo panel?


yes. I have the JLF stick, new Sanwa buttons all i need is the main PCB. I had planned to dual mod and if this will allow me to replace the board and dual mod i’m golden.


Yeah with that PCB you should be able to dual-mod.


Sweet thanks for the assist. Building my order now. I have two sticks on the way but this was my first “project” stick. So, bringing it back will be nice. Then will have the MC Killer Instinct TE2, Injustice Stick(which i plan to mod), and then this. I want to, at some point, look at building my own stick from the ground up. I’ve always enjoyed tinkering around w/ electronics but I’m no pro by far. Thanks again.