Akishop PS360 + SNES Pad?

I have checked slagcoin and he was rather uncertain about my problem. I’m in the process of building an arcade cabinet around my TV, and have bought two Akishop PS360’s for the sticks. I have quite a few SNES games that I would like to play with this new setup.

I’m really just wondering if I can mod the SNES and Akishop PS360 to the same buttons, and different wires, and it won’t effect either board in a negative way? Something like missed presses or maybe even damaging something. I just didn’t want to buy these 50 dollar boards and screw um’ up.

You should use MC Cthulhu’s for Snes or Hack a common ground SNES pad.

Akishop PS360 isn’t SNES compatible. Try using DB-25 connectors inside your cabinet.


How the MC Cthulhu works.

Go for it! Slagcoin does have a section on multiple PCBs. Check it out:

Joystick Controller - PCB and Wiring

Yeah I knew the PS360 wouldn’t work with a SNES, I was wondering if a separate SNES pad would interfere WITH the PS360. I guess my post wasn’t clear. :smiley:

So a separate PCB being wired up to the same buttons the PS360 is wouldn’t cause any problems? That’s all I’m really worried about. Thanks for the responses though guys!

You’ll be fine as long as the SNES pad is common ground (first party, ASCII pads, etc.)

As long as you remeber the 2 golden rules of multi-PCB modding:

  1. all PCBs must be connected to ground
  2. all PCBs also must be connected to voltage or VCC ( as its labeled on the PS360, Cthulhu and ChImp).

Thanks a lot guys.

Let us know how it turns out, or show us.

Why not build a MAME cabinet?