Akishop PS360 Tri Mod Joystick PCB

Anyone have any info regarding this PCB? I just pre-ordered one, the only thing I dont like is having to add a Turbo button to do Console switching, wish it auto-detected.

Akishop PS360 Tri Mod Joystick PCB PREORDER

no internacional shipping:shake:

All the info there is, is pretty much in the link you just posted. You can join us at
http://shoryuken.com/f177/-akihabarashop-jp-now-open--108982/ and talk to Per himself about more info.

It is the first PCB specifically made for arcade sticks that is 360. It’s almost exactly the same as the Datel/Paewang PCB, but it is less expensive, because it is a single PCB, unlike the Paewang, because it had to be gutted from a stick.

International shipping may not exist with FocusAttack. But you can order it from the shop that it originated from?Akihabarashop.jp Akishop sent it to FocusAttack so that US customers wouldn’t be eaten up by the slower international shipping. But since you’re international, anyways, it wouldn’t have been able to come any faster than if FocusAttack had sent it.

Yes, the turbo button is probably not what most people were looking for. But that’s the only way you’re going to get 360 and PS3 completely solderlessly, and on a single board. If you want auto-detection, you could get a fightpad for $18 shipped from buy.com (Buy.com - Official Street Fighter IV FightPad Controller for Xbox 360 - Blanka) and a ChImp from LizardLick for $30. But then you have to do the dual mod yourself, but it is only $3 more.

Of course, it is harder than just buying one PCB. But if Auto-detection is that important, then you have it.

Also, the select button and turbo can be wired up to the same button, or so I recall reading in the thread mentioned.

Here I thought a third console was added. :confused:

Here is how I use my stick with 3 buttons and Turbo.

I guess by 3rd console they mean PC :slight_smile:

Oh nice! I thought about disabling the select and making it turbo, but this is a much better solution.

anybody got one yet? i would love to see how these perform.

There’s no need to fork this into a separate thread.