Akishop u360 help


wondering if anyone can help me with this as this is my first post on this website.

someone has been kinda helping from the byoac forums but i have two akishop ps360s that i bought for a custom control panel. the first one i was messing with wasnt working that well so then i connected the second one. i then realized i had wire them up incorrectly. i fixed the wiring and only the 2nd player side works but both are wired up the same. i am thinking to see if it is the wiring or the ps360 that isnt working, i would switch the ps360s since i know the 2nd player side one i used is working.

can anyone tell me what might be wrong here? im thinking if the ps360 is working and nothing is wrong with it, then it must be my ground wiring? thanks for the help


check all conections with a multimeter, but be more specific, the PS360 it´s recognized in both sistems? You need to press turbo button when you plug it, try it.

Sorry for my english:sweat: