Akria The Don: The Evo 2011 MC?


I think that Akria The Don should be MC for EVO 2011. Why? Well back in May he Dropped ATD 23: The Street Fighter Mix-Tape and it was dope! He uses all kinds of samples from various Street Fighter games and he even went as far as to use a sample from the anime Street Fighter II V anime (The song is called: Winners Envy) I think that he has the perfect mix of swagger and production to be the headlining MC for EVO 2011.

I think that he would do a great job spitting the intros to all the games at Evo, and the community could possibly get yet another SF Mix-Tape out of it.

No disrespect to the cat that did it this year, he did his thing and did it well but I think that we should get to see something fresh next year.

Your thoughts?

nah. Let’s keep people that are in the community doing it.

What constitutes being in the “community”? Are you saying that only people that are actively participating in Tournaments or Post to SRK are the only people that are even considered to preform at Evo?

I think RedRapper doing the intro’s had more to do with him previously doing songs for Level Up. Any intros next year depend on who is handling the stream I would guess but who knows what happens a year from now.