Akron ohio fight club


Hello there, I am Jared, an 18 year old living in the area of Akron Ohio with a drive to excel the basics of virtual combat. I also wish in the future to hold tournaments and such contributes to the fighting game community in this area, but explaining that is for another time. Right now I need people that also have the drive to improve as well as have fun.

I wish to know if holding these sessions will be possible.

I plan to hold these sessions at this house

On wednesdays 6:00pm - 10:00pm


I’m in Akron too… let me know, I’d probably be down.


Go check out our Canton Fight Club page ! We play every Thursday. If you have any questions just PM me.


Thanks, but I heard of and been to the canton fight club, I just want to play more and make more progress than I do going there.

Awesome, I assume you play marvel?


will lebron be there?


I absolutely hate Marvel 3 as it is right now, but I plan on playing UMVC3 as it looks like they have fixed most of the stuff I dislike.


Anyways it seems like everyone is uninterested due to the existence of the canton fight club, which is understandable as it seems that there is no benefit going to both sessions.

Oh well…

I’ll be here anyways, in case anything happens.

By the way, i was planning to be open this very wednesday.


Hey Hey, we are still going strong here in Cleveland with Console Combat. We meet 2 times a month at Fox and Hound in Parma, OH. We have tournaments and we give free stuff away. Check us out.

Facebook Group
Upcoming Event



Midwest Region Event: PROVING GROUNDS


I would be interested. I have been trying to become better but have been really busy lately. Right now though I just plain suck. None of my friends play fighters so this could really help.


Awesome, I haven’t had anything going on recently but you can come next wednesday