Aksys x Evolution 2009 BB now added to Evo linup! GET HYPE! *1st Post Updated*

It is with great honor that we announce our next awesome collaboration: the EVO Championships Series + Aksys Games Team-Up! Aksys Games will be there holding it down with their illest 2D fighter, BlazBlue! Were gonna be running the official EVO/Aksys Games Exhibition Tournament, one-on-one style, 3-vs-3 style, and a bad-ass 5-vs-5 invitational teams tournament! Were gonna be giving away some mad prizes and spreading the wonder that is BlazBlue. Wanna know more? Wanna man-up or girl-up and see how you hold up against the worlds best? Then hit the jump!

For uninitiated, EVO Championships Series is basically the granddaddy of all fighting game tournaments in the USA! The only other event thats close to it is Japans Super Battle Opera (Tougeki) Tournament. But other than SBO, if youre a die hard fighting game fanatic, you owe to yourself to be at this event! If you wanna know more, check out www.evo2k.com. Heres whats happening at EVO!

Tournament Info:

This is an official tournament that will be held and sponsored by Aksys Games in conjunction with Evolution 2009 at the Rio Casino and Resort. There will be a total of 3 different tournaments being held during the weekend of Evolution. They are listed below:

PS3 Consoles
You must bring your own sticks as we will not provide them for you.

Rules: No Unlimited Chars, Game set to Console Version. Button mapping is allowed before the match begins. If one of the players interrupts the the game during the round by pausing the game or guide button the round will be forfeited by that person to the opponent.

Type: Singles
When: Friday, July 17th
Signups: Start at 9:00am; End at 10:30am SO BE PROMPT!
Tourney: Starts at 11am SHARP

Entry: $5/ per person
Format: 2/3 Matches, Double Elimination
Pot: 70/20/10

Type: Teams
When: Saturday, July 18th
Signups: Signups at 9:00am; End at 10:30am SO BE PROMPT!
Tourney: Starts at 11am SHARP

Entry: $15 per team
Format: 3 man teams Pokemon Style (Winner stays Loser switches out). You must keep the character you started the tournament with. NO SAME CHAR TEAMS ALLOWED!
Pot: 80/20

Type: Invitational Exhibition Match
When: Saturday, July 18th
Tourney: Starts after Teams Tourney
Format: 5v5 Region Invitational Pokemon Style.

This is an invite-only exhibition match between different Regions: SoCal, NorCal, Texas, Midwest, (more coming soon).


BB is officially at Evo for the lineup!!!


Alright guys so as most of you know BB should be coming out on console before Evo which is great news. This way there will be no problems holding a BB tourney at Evo. Some things need to be clarified though such as what system it should be on; 360 or PS3? Also, singles and 3v3 right? Also, maybe a 5v5 invitational?

Post your thoughts.

-Tha Hindu

If this is true, I will be coming to Evo.

Who wants to be on my team for the 3v3?!

$500 MM: hnana vs the scrubs that watched videos on the internet and talked shit about him. lol

I’ll be on your team if you will have me. I play Arakune.

-Tha Hindu

i voted for ps3, cause i dont got a 360.

I voted for ps3, ease of converters and console Evo is using for their games.

Once I find out for sure if BB is released before Evo, and once I get my plane tickets, I’ll get back to you. If you get a team before then, I won’t be offended, but yeah, it’s not 100% yet, but I’ll get back to you.

And I vote PS3 also.

BTW money isn’t an issue, so if I can’t go, it would be for a reason aside from money.


I play VERSION 13

evo is in july

summer extends to september

someone give me a plane ticket and you can team with the best* tager* on the east coast*

*my apartment

you should hold it on ps3 because everyones gonna be using ps3 stuff anyway.

HeartNana can I be on your team?

I haven’t even played BB yet, but I like money.

If I’m on a team with HN then Mike Z is our 3rd.

-Tha Hindu

sweet, I’ll enter. Once the game hits console im gonna get pretty serious about it and pretty much play every single weekday and start playing casuals at the arcade more often. Im still focusing on GG cuz I want to qualify for GG SBO but I do plan to start playing BB seriously soon. Good shit!

im in

I thought Aksysgames was running a tourney? I figured they would bring some arcade setups… oh well.

ps3 since well i play on ss pad. and pretty much every one already has a stick for it since sf4 is on ps3

Sounds interesting. Gonna have to discuss this abit before making the final confirmation.

Playstation 3

Despite the fact i have a 360 it should be on PS3.

Evo is basically a PS3 ran tournament so you might be able to borrow spare units from the evo staff, plus easier for players to find converters since most of us still own PS2 sticks.

No way bitch.

It’s me, Rob, and a small television connected to dvd player that will exclusively be marathoning live action Negima.


I wish I could go :sad: PS3 cuz wont Evo be using it for SFIV, SCIV and used it for T5:DR last year? Its the obvious choice