aku sketches


I made this DA because my friend is stupid and he doesnt like to show his work to other people. Leave some comments to motivate him, and hope you like it

oh, sketches from someone named aku? not Aku sketches? or akuma sketches? or aku aku sketches?

very nice though!

lolo he’s known by akujin, but we call him aku, so…ye

yeah, the title probably should have said sketches by aku(jin)

EDIT: agreed VVV

it’s as bad as people just posting links to articles and not even, at the least, giving us a bit of the details

no god fuck no. Sorry to sound so pissed, but it chaps my ass when people make a thread but don’t post art! PHOTOBUCKET is FREE. Please stop hotlinking people to your DA pages people!!! If you don’t have the desire to post the image in the forums why should i care to check it out and respond?

wait…are these even done by you? why the hell should i care to check out your friends art if he doesn’t even post them here? this is a total waste of our time… do you actually want us to comment in here…so what? you can pass the comments to him? WTF. this is a total waste of our time! It’s site whoring at the very least.

ROOK!!! can we make some of these rules?

  1. No new threads without actual art in them
  2. Post your own works and not a friends, or your brothers, or an artist you like…etc
  3. No blatant site whoring (at least not without art here for us to want to see your site!!!)
    please? please for the love of god???

Dude…just calm down. It’s not a big deal at all. It’s not like he’s claiming they are his. He’s just trying to get his friend motivated.

Back to the topic: I think your friend is pretty good and he or you should post more.

But his friend should be the one posting. Why should we offer our time to crit and comment when the original artist doesn’t care enough to show their own work here. I mean if thats what this forum should be for, then why don’t i just run a google search for “cool art” or something and post the art i think you guys might like? It’s a waste of our time. I think the reason these forums are dying is because people have other forums to go to where things are taken a bit more seriously.

Maybe i’m just frustrated because i’ve been here since like 01 and there used to be so much awesome art here, every day, and compared to then the forum is slower. So when i do see stuff here i want to talk to the person who made it, share tips, and thoughts, nopt go through a middle man and a totally different site. I mean christ, at LEAST post the art in the forum and not redirect us to a da page! come on.

Back then you saw more activities because people made a thread for each piece they post instead of having 1 thread to themselves. So when people check out your thread, they tend to only crit/comment on a few pieces. Also, a lot of people have gotten jobs or moved on who used to post a lot.

Do you really think being stricter about what kind of threads can be made will increase traffic flow? This forum is called “Fan art” so why don’t we restrict it to fan art only? No original arts.
I say if you want a forum resurrection, get Sweet to come back and Rook to look the other way.

lol, i see where you’re coming from rabid. it’s slightly tedious seeing random people post other artworks, but sometimes you can benefit too. like the okami contest, or maybe posting something like “hey udon’s got this new thing on udoncrew! check it out”

but i do understand. it’s half and half for me. fan art wouldn’t be fun if this repeated itself. i know tons of other artists. perhaps an “Artists who’s works you should know” thread should come about all this to prevent further spammage?

word! artist whos works you know…or “suggest an artist” or “inspirational art” all would be cool.


I don’t really have a problem with ppl doing this, because if ppl don’t see the point of the thread – they just won’t post in the thread. It’s somewhat related to fanart and not some pure “visit my site” kind of thing. I could consolidate all these types of posts into one thread, I guess, to reduce clutter.

I agree that the board’s been quiet of late, and it’s a cyclical thing. Artists come and go (work, jobs, married life, etc), and the ones that stay remember the glory days gone by. The way I see it, this is the time for the new blood to shine, and for the older posters (such as yourself) to take on a larger presence on the board.

So, post up (even) more of your stuff Rabid. You’re one of the most improved artists here lately :slight_smile:

I do agree that lack of crit does hurt this board somewhat, but that’s something everyone has to chip in – to give constructive criticism beyond the usual “that’s cool” kind of comment. You have one of the better trained eyes on the forum right now, I’d really like to hear more of your input on some of the pieces :slight_smile:

If you could persuade someone like Sweet to come back, I’m not sure how that’d drive up traffic. IMHO it’d drive up the drama and flamewar quotient, mainly, but not the quality of this forum.

Sure, yourself & Kando (and perhaps a few others) appreciate Sweet’s unique backhanded critique style, but then there’d be all these other indignant ppl getting on his case.

And even worse, other non-qualified jokers start emulating his behaviour and just ragging on everything in general. And then I’d have a huge problem trying to enforce civility because if I let Sweet do it, I’d have to let everyone do it.

I was just joking about Sweet coming back haha. Hidden in his posts are actually very good crits but he covers them with so much cruelty that most don’t see the crits. But yes I agree, we would all benefits from more critiques.