Akuma 2013 wishlist



Fix the ¤/%/&¤/)=&¤&(=?`&¤&() Shoryuken so it doesn’t drop people all the fucking time. Just dropped some Abel player two times in the same goddamn round. At least it was my own incompetence that finally lost me the match and not the bug.



Ex tatsu. That’s all I want.


lol wishlist… no more nerfs , be very afraid if their is another update very afraid… im sure demon flip palm will be nerfed again,…

but for arguments sake , i would love to see akuma get his ex tatsu fixed, shit is too random ,and the ability to tatsu sweep ryu would be great


What’s with all of these 2013 wish lists? Capcom stated that they had no further plans for this game, but that they would take a wait and see approach towards fan reaction. The last thing we need is the game being balanced around a bunch of people that have no idea what balance really is, only that their character gets a bunch of buffs while everyone else gets nerfs.

Has there been more recent info posted that I’m unaware of?


Akuma’s air fireball will be nerfed
Akuma’s DF palm will have some recovery, so goodbye safejumping with it and doing crossover mixups

Any Akuma player who thinks he’ll get even a small “real” buff must be on crack. Just look at the past history of similar threads man, you’ll laugh your ass off looking at buff requests when Akuma kept on getting hammered with the nerf bat.

So yeah, we as Akuma players better hope this patch never comes out, encouraging it with such wish list threads kinda makes it worse IMO.

Also, inb4lulz@Akuma players creating a wishlist thread trolls.


That’s not a glitch, it’s you mashing dp from too far away. First hit of akuma’s dp doesn’t launch, it’s always been like that.

TL: DR: it’s your incompetence


Or use that shit wisely. Fadc that first hit and then go into bnb.


I would like him to be as he is now. I’m more afraid of nerfs than wanting buffs


I was going to come read this thread for the lulz. But it seems like everyone is reasonable and boring.


I sure hope we never see a new revision of this game ever again.


the best buff we can hope for, is not being nerfed


We don’t play Evil Ryu. Or, god forbid, Cammy. :stuck_out_tongue:


why not a reshape of the ex DF zanku ? such a useless special, no one have such a move in the roster.


That meter expensive special won me two matches against a tricky Seth yesterday xD


yeah this is the only use for it. Bait that anti air and kill with that bit of damage.
Quite short to explain this 2 bar move. I hope they’ll find another way to use it.
Something like faster landing to allow some follow up on the ground when using cl.HP xx this.


If a 2013 ever does come out, Infiltration will single handedly be responsible for Akuma getting the nerf bat lol.


Looks like this is time to make some suggestions for the next update…Ono just annonced it and Capcom is listenning to our suggestions here:


Obviously, I pray for no more nerfs…


Alright! So who’s ready for another round of nerfs?


Yep, it’s been confirmed, I am expecting another bunch of nerfs even though Akuma is perfectly balanced right now.

I just want him to be left alone, but that won’t happen, Infiltration is being Godlike with Akuma and way too many people have been crying about that without considering the fact that he’s the best player in the world right now.


I don’t know why but I feel this topic is gonna be very active by some weeks, when Crapcom will have revealed the tweaks.