Akuma 3s Wiki

Updated most of the info until ‘Frame data’. I don’t understand, its sloppy, redundant, after that point so I left the rest. If anyone wants to clean it up go right ahead.

Correct me if I made a mistake or if I left something out.

You have deleted demon setup part?:confused:

yeah, wheres it gone?

No, I didn’t delete any parts.

So what did you do? It looks like there is just less information.

I cleaned it up, added a key, normals,basic commands, throws, etc. I also added common english names next to moves. (not literal translations)

There was some misinformation on there as well. You can see how sloppyily it is written passed the ‘Frame Data’ part compared to the top.

I dunno maybe someone deleted/vandalized it before me, But There is definitely MORE information now.

ps- what does ‘BnB’ and ‘xx’ ‘TKD’ mean? And is Akuma’s SRK called demon uppercut or is that the SA name?

reset is wait for neutral stance, correct? Does it have anything to do with opponent? like say for example this “C+MK, LK-Tatsu, LP (reset), Kongou Kokuretsu Zan” or this “lp,lk (air reset, not very useful)”

Perhaps you shouldn’t be messing with it if you don’t know what a BnB (bread and butter combo) or TKD (True Kara Demon) is.

Also, the literal translation is something like “Strong Rising Dragon Fist.”

I don’t play Akuma or anything…

But I hate you. :sad:

fyi most of the wikis were vandalize by advertisers, half the information went missing and the top was filled with random ads for like, viagra and shit

i wouldnt be suprised if he came in and found it with half the info missing from the vandals.

I know what those things are I just didn’t know the abbrieviations ^_-

Nobody keeps the backups for the wikis?

Yea there was a bunch of links at the top of the page I didn’t know what any of that was so I just left it.

u cant c.lk x3 on every standing character

You’re just coping with homosexual feelings through hate. There’s no need to feel ashamed, no one will judge you :lovin:

yeah your right, i was on elena wiki accidently pressed one of those and a bunch of pron came up.


Hello there, i’ve made some modifications in the akuma wiki page, added some framedatas and a picture of all the colors available. Also this morning some n00b deleted half wiki page and i’ve restore it.
I hope now the page looks better than before

hello again friends, i’ve finished the frame data part (still some moves missing, but i dont found any more information), and i ask everybody of you, see what im doing it now, and if its good or i should reverse it.
I’ve found some cool icons for lp, mp, hp, arrows, qcf, etc… and ive remplace it in the “Super Arts” section. Please see it for yourself and say if i should remplace the “qcf” and “lp” “mp” etc texts by the icons ive found :cool:
heres the link: