Akuma a - groove combo question?

Ok i can do the corner fb part pretty easily, its the getting to the corner part that i have problems with. i’ve seen the videos, they knock them up in the do like 2 or 3 hits in the air land red fb, repeat until they are in the corner then do the constant red fb. Could anyone tell me the hit pattern during the first part i would really app. it. Right now i’m just using hurricane kicks into a jumping fp, fp, hurricane kick, land repeat until i get to the corner but that does shit for damage, until i can get to the corner and do the fb’s. thx.




I wrote alot on that page.

thx alot man.


hullo i read what you said, but i have some more questions for ya Pokes. How the hell do you get the fp to come out in time in order to connect the hurricane kick.

So this is what i’m doing–> activate c.fp, demonflip xx fp, but by the time the fp comes out, it will jsut barely hit them b4 they hit the ground or not at all. Any hints?? help is much app.


:evil: Tell me what you think of these.
when opponent is in the corner.
j.HP, s.HP, short.DP, activate, Hold B, s.MP, HP, HP release B, red fbx7,
hcbx2+p. this one is quite easy and if done right damage is 8728

when opponent is in the middle of the screen.
jumping crossover.MK, s.Lp, s.HP, qcb+MK, activate,
[wait untill they are at your kness,hard.DP, qcb+LK you must do this before the thrid hit in the DP]
repeat untill you get to the corner, s.LP, red fbx?, hcbx2+p.
if you do two DP, qcb+LK, you can do 6xred fb, hcbx2+p
if you do three DP, qcb+LK, you can do 4xred fb, hcbx2+p.
if you do four DP, qcb+LK, you can only get 3xred fb, hcbx2+p.I hope you can understand this .the begining of this combo wont work on small characters,but will work after a qcb+LK,bah i’ll let you figure it out.

Are you sure you’re doing RH demon flip and not short demon flip?
That could be the problem because the stronger the button the farther the demon flip will go across the screen.

i have the same problem…
the timing on the air FP into RH Hurricane kick is f’n difficult for me too. any hints or ideas fellas???

u just have to do it fast. As u hit the fierce, u should already be doing the hcb motion for the hurricane.

is it like doing a shoryuken from a hurricane kick

what do they mean?

what does j.sp and s.hp and the rest mean i been tryin to figer this stuff out for ages i no half circle back quater circle and all that but i get confused

what do they mean?

j.sp = jumping shortpunch, s.hp = standing hard punch
c.rh = crouching roundhouse
c.lk = crouching lightkick

and so on, hopefully you’ll get the idea from this.

Thx to everyone else who replied for all the help you gave.


well, here’s the CC i do when not in the corner:

if u hit em with his hurricane kick, then i would active and do:
s.hp xx dp.hk, fp xx hk hurricane, (land) hcb+fp xx st.hp xx dp.hk, and so on. u can choose to do the red fireball when u land, or go into his st.fp xx dp.hk again. and then u know what to do when u get into the corner.

the cc can also be aa, activate and then short hurricane -> combo.

i’m sorry was that combo explanation clear?

it’s kinda hard at first, but it gets easier as u do it. soon u’ll be able to do it easily.

That IS his only real combo that does alot of damage. Also, without the red fireballs, you lose alot of the combo damage. But then you have the corner BS. so ya.

When doing the juggle, CC, d.HP, Demon Flip, etc I find you have to hit them at the proper height with the d.HP.

If I hit them when they’re too high, the demon flip attack whiffs, or screws up all together. Could be just me screwing it up, but when I make sure to hit them at Akuma’s chest height or waist height I can get it to work no sweat.

Maybe that can help you guys out a bit. I had the same problem at first as well.

Use close s.HP instead. The timing will be perfect everytime. After that first repetition, replace s.HP with HP red fireball, quick cancel into dp+HK.

Do a standing FP after the activate. Thats what i do and i never have trouble. I never really used cFP.

I just use it because if i time it right, I don’t have to worry about distance. I like it because I never get the far s.HP, so I don’t have to worry about ranges (after jab DP for example). Less thinking is good for me now. :slight_smile:

I should probably use s.HP, but I’m just starting to learn A-Gouki so when I get my chance to activate I have a brain fart and do d.HP on instinct. :confused: