Akuma AE 2012 Safe Jumps




Yes I have seen the setup thread which is great for forward throw setups, but not much info on safe jumps on sweeps or back throw.

So my question is this:

What is Akuma’s back throw and sweep safe jumps if any?

I know about sweep, jump immediately, dive kick at apex.

I’m also thinking of making a comprehensive document about Akuma’s moves, frame data, strategy, setups and OS’s :).


Akuma’s backthrow is garbage and doesn’t give a decent amount of frame advantage to setup safejumps, I usually just walk towards opponent to setup meaty normals. The matchup thread and setup thread will be suitable places for those info you want to share IMO, there’s also an OS thread, we already have enough threads and scattering info around even more will make it worse.

Other than instant dive kick after sweep, you can setup safejumps by watching Akuma walk forward a bit or backward or even lookout for his crouching animation then j.hk to safejump 4f reversals, but this requires manual timing which is difficult to be consistent with, you don’t have time to whiff stuff for timing purposes after sweep, ex fireball or shakunetsu knockdowns.


Yeah, record ken to mash is 4f ex dp and keep trying. Walk foward a bit and jump. Same for ex fb and shaku, but for them you have walk a bit less. A sweep gives you 45 frames advantage and for a safejump for 4f’s you have to jump 39 frames before he wakes up, so you have to kill 6 frames. For a df palm you have to jump 40f before he wakes up, requiring 5 frames killed. No normals are that fast, but after a day only training this, you’ll get it down.