Akuma armor breakers

Hi, just wondering what akuma has to break FA? The only one i know is demon flip punch.

also, what is the timing on crossup hurricane, and is it HK?

Thanks :clown:

If I know my opponent uses Focus Attacks a lot, then there may be times when I’ll use HP Flame Fireball to knock them over. The move in general doesn’t “break” FA’s per se, but I find that most of the time the three hits from the flame fireball will hit fast enough that it breaks through anyway.

The best thing against focus is to Ultra it. You can cancel out of a normal into Ultra if they absorb 1 hit of a Standing HK, sweep, cMK – pretty much any normal. Do this once or twice and your opponent will learn he can’t use focus against you.

If it’s point blank and you don’t have ultra, FP SRK breaks it too. For some reason it isn’t listed as an “armor breaking” move but I’ve noticed that it makes the armor breaking animation when you use it on somebody who is charging a focus.

You can also throw them out of focus.

Timing on crossup hurricane is just something you have to practice, but you time the execution of the actual air tatsu as soon as your start the descent from the peak of your jump. Go into training mode, throw the opponent, and then run towards him and practice doing it over and over until you get it perfectly meaty. The way you want to space it is so that you cross them up by the least possible amount – you basically land on their head but are tatsuing and it hits behind them. This is both so that the cross-up is ambigious and that your tatsu has time to fly over and beat a reversal DP.

After you can do it right, then record the dummy doing a reversal DP and practice beating it every time with your crossup tatsu. Use Sagat at first because his large hit box makes it easy to hit him.

Edit: and yes it is HK.

Any Special move inputted as a reversal is given armor breaking properties. Any move that hits fast and is 2 hits can be pretty good at armor breaking. So while akuma’s “Armor breaking” specific moves might seem limited, most of his specials hit multiple times, and thus, are poor man’s armor breakers.

You can also throw people out of focus. So if you’re playing against someone who uses focus as an anti-air way too much. You can empty jump throw them pretty consistently.

I try to demon FA’s as much as possible. You can see examples of that in this video - [media=youtube]W3cb52TkHhA&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fuser%2FChipDamage1&feature=player_profilepage[/media]

thanks for all the great answers. i didn’t even think about demoning FA’s

True Armour Breakers:

Demon Flip Palm
Demon Flip Throw
Ground Throw
Level 3 Focus Attack

Other General Focus Breakers:

Double Roundhouse
Sweep~Ultra trick
EX Fireball
Red Fireball
EX Tatsumaki
f+MP Overhead
EX Air Fireball

If they are close, just standing cl. RH. It hits twice and allows frame advantage.

I would rather just throw for more damage and an untechable knockdown. That’s just me though.

sweep xx ultra is the sickest

lp shoryu will not armor break…

Only works if done as a reversal.