Akuma Artwork

Hi everyone,

What do you guys think of my picture? - it’s Akuma. Sorry, i wanted to attach it but it was too big and i didn’t want to crop it any more.

Back to the basics: paper, pencil, pen… and ermm… an eraser.

Hope you like it


hey are you the same person who drew that ugly ass ryu in the same profile and the same ugly writing? i remember telling you to stop that but since you didnt listen the first time you probably wont listen this time. your akuma looks like a bootleg dragon ball alien.

Hey you remembered, i’m touched. You know you really do have a way with words.

I agree about the pose though, they’re similar but not the same.
Personally, i feel reasonably satified with my drawing, there are obvious flaws, but hell i’ve only been doing this for about 2 months and i’m not aspiring to be an artist. I guess at 19, i’m a late bloomer.
Hmmm, you know i haven’t seen your art work yet.

Sweet does have a way with words :evil:

I think the pic. looks great 'cept, What the fuck did you do to his face!? :mad:

you should have said you were only drawing for 2 months now. people start drawing at an early age so your kinda way behind and i dont know if your going to make anything of yourself at this rate. maybe art school might help, but then half the guys in here are going to school and they suck too. sfmc never went to school and he’s pretty good. i myself went for one year and found myself drawing better than 90 percent of the teachers so i quit. well keep posting and i wont rag on you that bad.

no need to brag Sweet. The drawing isnt that bad, once again jz_chu237 didnt say he wanted to be an artist, so give him a break. The only thing i would fix on the drawing is the face besides that its all good… peace

Hey hey I went to school for a year at PAFA( pennsylvania academy of fine arts) which means nothing at all, but I did go though.

Don’t need schooling to be pro.

I think that art and the techniques that come with it are something you develop by yourself and at your own pace. If someone else shows you how, you’ll never be unique, just mass produced.

This is opinion. But i guess some one who hasn’t been ‘schooled’ would say that.

not that bad I guess

It’s not that bad I mean you could use some pratice on the face a bit but other than that its pretty cool.

Although it needs improvement - it isn’t THAT bad.

I’ve seen a LOT worse on here - and some of the artists who drew the monstrosities almost demanded positive critique.

Keep practicing, etc…

dam thats the dumbest thing i ever heard. learning by yourself isnt ever enough. you probably sit at home looking at comics and jerking off to your own drawings. art instruction is good when you can adapt. the real world is rough sonny and unless you understand the fundamentals forget about ever doing this shit for a living.

Fuck man!!??

Hi guys… I am looking for the AKuma pics where he gives some vegetables or fruite to a kid (I don’t know if he was Ryu or not) but anyway can anybody please give me that pic, I am really looking for it for a long time now… See ya

I like it but the face doesn’t really look like Akuma.

:slight_smile: A bootleg dragonball alien. (Laughs)

:frowning: Ah, how sweet!

fruity akuma pic

yes, dark lord dragon, i dont know if anyone has already sent you the fruity akuma picture (how can that kid be ryu if akuma looks exactly the same as he does in the alpha series). i believe this picture comes from the SFA2 series gallery (saturn version). i am very interested in that gallery. does anyone know a site which has rare capcom art and sketches?

Well I really don’t know how to thank you, well nobody yet sent me the pic, so I am so happy you found it and attached the pic along, I was looking for the pic for a long time I wanted to show it to one of my good friends… I am sorry to bother you dude but thanks so much dude… See ya around…

no prob

yeah its cool. i had that picture for a while, i think i found it at www.gamegen.com
there is a wholelotacrap there that you can see. it is very comprehensive so look into it if you havent already done so.

no prob

Well of course I know Gamegen it’s one of my favorite sites :wink: but I’ve gone there but it was useless I mean I didn’t find the pic there, well maybe I was lazy but I checked Akuma’s pic but as I said there was nothing… Anyway I am always there you can read my name in the credit list :wink: I wish if I can send him more pics but it seems I lost his mail or maybe he is too busy so he can’t reply!!? anyway thanks again and see ya around…

yeah no problem. ask anytime, n i’ll try n get em for you. i am always looking for original capcom art myself. maybe we can trade pics n stuff. i have an assload of pictures but i am always looking for more. many of the ones i found were too small or had poor resolution. you can find me on aim : zanzabar2003, n we’ll talk sum more.