Akuma as a secondary

So im a big fan of zangief, but hes got some pretty bad match ups, especially sagat and seth.

Would akuma be a good secondary to learn for these counter-picks?

Akuma does have a decent match up against those two, but do keep in mind Akuma does take quite a bit of time to learn effectively. So you may not see immediate success.

that, and taking a ton of damage can be disheartening sometimes.
So only use him if you’re ready to put in the work.

But overall I think he’s a lot easier to use than viper, or gen. So you might not do too bad. Going from Gief to Akuma is like two totally different play styles though, so that might take a while to get used to.

Imo, if your aim is to be competitive, you are not best served by taking a secondary to shore up your character weaknesses in this game. You are better off simply learning all the ins and outs of the matchups for your main.

The debate over whether it is better to have one supremely solid main or to spread out your training time between multiple characters to cover counter picks is as old as Super Turbo. The difference being in ST there were some wicked bad character matchups. If even back then, there was a solid contingency of high level players sticking it with one main, then nowadays in SF4 when the matchups are much more balanced, the argument for having a single strong main is that much better.

Gief vs Sagat is called what nowadays, 7-3? 6.5-3.5? In the ST days there were people who dealt with as bad as 8-2 against Sim. And yet there were still tons of high level players who stuck it with their main no matter how bad the matchup, and won by concentrating all their skill into one good character. Muteki and Daigo certainly didn’t change up chars when going against Sim players.

Just be prepare cause Akuma does give alot of people frustration due to the fact that he has low health but once you master Akuma you can beat anyone…just watch Momochi’s fights…he’s the only person that I know that has dominated Daigo

I’m a big proponent of sticking to a character, but it’s completely up to you, and Akuma doesn’t have a lot of bad match-ups so it could work out for you, as long as you put the time in.

Hey, OP why don’t u check out this guy’s thread. he seems to be having a similar problem.


Going from Gief to Akuma is one hell of a drop in stamina. With Gief you can guess wrong a lot and still win, with Akuma, you could be doing everything right, then make one mistake and lose. Trading blows with Akuma is almost never in your favor. You need good execution & reaction time.

I agree with Muken about sticking with one, however since Gief vs Seth is so one sided, I understand wanting an alt. If Akuma pisses you off, try Ryu, he’s easy mode. Or you could be like Jinrai and use Gief & Seth.

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I main gief and have been playing akuma a lot now. When I go back to playing gief now, I find that my execution is better, and I am making less mistakes (since I’m used to treasuring my life). So my point is - learn akuma so that your gief will get better.

yeah, i’d have to agree, akuma ups your game with other characters. i’ve always played sagat. wanted to mix things up with a different character, so i started playing with akuma (sagat’s antithesis). when i’d go back to playing sagat, i was like “wtf, my execution is way up.” been having so much fun with akuma, i’ve decided to stick with him for a few more months. still love sagat, but akuma is just more fun–oh, and the ladies love him, no seriously :wink:

Don’t make pull out the Hyakki Moki.

I was thinking about using C. Viper as a secondary so i asked around C. Viper’s forum, from the advice I got there I kinda steered away because she does sound practice intensive.

Someone suggested Akuma and it sounded interesting, so I wanted to get a group consensus of using Akuma as a secondary.

No need for so much flaming.

The more I think about it you’re right. Trying out new characters makes me realize how much I miss playing zangief. Facing Sagat is tough but not impossible if you stay focused, still having trouble with seth though :stuck_out_tongue: GOOD CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK

This is pretty interesting, never thought about learning Akuma for this purpose, what in particular do you notice improving in your execution?

Now that you mention this, you can play various characters to improve different aspects of your game. Dhalsim will help with match-ups and zoning experience, C. Viper will help with clutch execution, Ryu with spacing – etc.