Akuma Avatar


I was looking to get an Akuma Avatar made with the image below. Adding my Gamer Tag in the bottom right corner and if possible making Akuma’s symbol glow/flash and cropped a little as there is so much grey.

I checked the thread on making a new post and all the request forms are either really old and/or closed so I figured I would make my own request page.

Thanks a lot.


Hey, Im new to this forum, But I like messing around with editing tools :), I decided to make you my first, I know your gamertag is not on the right corner like you wanted, But if you want me to reedit it let me know, hopefully you will like it.




As you can tell I am very much pleased. It turned out wicked. On the left works better with the mini Akuma.


glad you enjoyed it! :), I actually made another where I made the text a little smaller a while ago i forgot to add this to

=] well im off to see what else I can make have a good one!