Akuma (cartoony)

i’m trying to teach myself how to “paint” w/ photoshop


Pretty cool man. The colors look alot like a watercolor sort of style and come off really natural. Maybe darking up the tones would give it more of a bad ass Akuma look.

Maybe a bit more of a dynamic would be better. He looks a bit too static i reckon. And perhaps a little more defintion in his left hand. And arch his spine a bit fso he isn"t so vertical.

Other than that, looking pretty Choice! Post more! would be cool seeing some 3rd strikers done in this sort of style

hey thanks bro! the sketch itself i’m not too worried about. it’s more the coloring job, but ALL advice is wanted and appreciated!
anyone else? what’s right, whats wrong?

The colors are kind of washed out. Try to fill in every little spot next time to have a more complete look. I know this is just practice, but I think the lightsource from his fireball should be the main focal light. Not dramatic enough right now.

What i do like is your harsh rough strokes. Try to work with your rough brush work some more. I find it square brushes give weight and solidity rather than a soft round brush. Square brushes can make your work static also so try to get something going with your loose brush work.

Overall good job for a start.