Akuma colored


I just got through coloring it. I tried to get it post before I go to work. The sketched version is in the sketch thread.



Looks a bit plain, but overall a well talented picture!!



Yea, it needs a background…


nice :slight_smile: just keep working on your live drawing and youl get it in no time :slight_smile: :smiley:


head-torso-hand proportions are off (esp around his shoulder and waist area), and his hair looks a tad too super-saiya-jin for my liking.

you need to pick out a main light source and stick with it. Right now the light source is all over the place… doesn’t create a sense of depth or form. Don’t be afraid to use more shadows when shading/colouring.

the areas of pure colour bug me a bit (hair, eyes) when eveything else is smudged into the surrounding areas… but I’m not a colour person so I’ll leave that for others to advise you on.

ok pic. keep 'em coming :slight_smile:


Heres a quick paint over to help you out. Colors are too muddy and you got too many highlights popping as Rook said. You could buff him up some too. Just remember dark mids and highlights. There should be no highlights in mids and shadows areas.

Hand is way too exaggerated. have some exaggeration, but not too much. Overall I liked his pants and ripped shirt. Good job.


Dammit SFMC!

I thought it looked good. Now it looks twice maybe even trice as good, lol. Your right though, I didnt know what I was doing with that hand, I wanted to try something diffrent.

Thanks Rook, you where also right. Dem highlights are everywhere, as you can see, Im still trying to work with my tones and light sources.

Me personaly, I only like the hair and pants/ripped shirt. I might try to redo it, like how you showed me SFMC.


i think u should either scale down the hand or scale down the bod… either 1 dude (what i mean by scale down the bod… is give it some perspective


nash said put some contrast in that shit nig