Akuma combo exhibition




the last combo i found pretty hard to pull off since you have to be pretty close but yeah, it works.


Isn’t that 11 hit juggle a possible combo in real matches? (the one that ends with red triple)


at which time in the video?


wait nvm, how does that one go. I swear I saw Sanford or Ed Ma doing it in a recent video. It goes like j.mk, s.hp,lk.tatsu,hp.srk, fadc,hp.srk, fadc, red fireball or something


i should really learn what all those abbreviations mean =P.
oh i get it, yeah that seems pretty doable, but it just sucks timing it on the 2nd uppercut hit each time to get maximum damage out. but yeah, that extra srk is much for show as it probably only does like 20 extra… damn those diminishing effects!