Akuma Combo match vids now available

Well I didnt see a thread about this here, and I definately think people should watch this hilarity/atrocity.

Its available at combovideos.com


Man I can’t wait. lol

that shit was horrrrrrible, and im not talking about the bad video quality. god that gameplay was bad… that is all

do they realize that everyone thinks they are the worst players in the world?

I guess they don’t know how to block overheads or use alpha counters in A2, horrible gameplay as well.

The CvS2 was the WORST shit I have ever seen, seriously, I have never DLed worse matches than those.

I wonder how much the grand prize was, half those games I don’t even play but it would have been so easy to sweep that entire tournament.

The new strat: Random CC activation from a screen away xx whiff jab srk 2x

Fuckin too good.

and this is a national tournament?

wow, just wow…

I guess Gunter could have taken MA’s Shin Akuma lol

Too bad there wasn’t an MvC2 tourney…I’m guessing it would have been something like year 2000 revisited.

Oh my christ. I have very little CVS2 experience. But i must say it was a struggle to finish dinner without vomiting while watching the horror that is MA and hit opponent. It almost looks like the matches were setups or something. I mean come on! Even I could beat them BOTH!

dam & u have to pay? :lame:

OMG that was the worst Jam ever.

MA doesn’t use Akuma? :smiley:

it’s bad and all…but…give them credit for putting their vids up…they get flamed so bad and finally some vids to justify those vids…at least they are not hiding anymore…so credit to the act of displaying…no credit to the display itself.

lol its good to flame them actually itll make them spice up their game

do it just enough tho or you may just push em off the cliff before they have a chance to improve, the more good players, the more compitition, and which will lead into more money for fighting game makers, and that will give em more drive to improve fighting games

i think we’re the people who are actually keeping this genre alive, if it werent for competitive play then the best fighting games we would be getting is bloody roar

haha, that was first thing come to my mind too…

why doesn’t akuma’s cammy roundhouse after a blocked blanak ball??? why doesn’t akuma use lv3 on a 90% jumpin HK blanka? at least joice does 3 hits combos…akuma does…jumpin hk, low mp/low hk. just like his combo vids…man…this is a change from RC CvS2…i guess he’ll never show his face on srk again…

I’m downloading the Alpha 2 matches now.

Can someone fill me in on the backstory here? Were these guys talking alot of shit or something?? Who are these guys?


i couldn’t even watch the whole thing. They jump way too much and they can’t hit confirm…these vids are horrible. So does anyone know how much money you win from the tourney? i wouldn’t mind a free trip to portugal :tup:

Um…so where is the link.I dont see any on combovides . . . :wtf:

Yeah I wanna see master akuma vids…2 hits combo YEH BITCHS ! :rofl:

Well akuma finally reveiled himself.