Akuma Combo match vids now available

Portugal sucks at SF, gotdamn fucking disguisting

LOL, I wonder if you can still search for Master Pussy’s legendary thread that he started.

I just watched the A2 matches.

I wouldn’t know good A2 if I saw it. I couldn’t stand to watch it for more than 2 seconds anyway, the blinking was making my eyes bleed.

very sad videos =[

I saw the A2 video.

Where was Rose???


BTW - Ive seen better. JeRon should’ve hop there.

It took him over 4 years to do it, but he finally did. Props for that but thats as far as the props go.

What’s the backstory…???

I feel bad now. I mean at least they have the balls to put up videos. Besides, any SF scene is good SF scene if you ask me…I feel like now you guys are gonna cause these guys to get discouraged. I mean really what do you expect from Portugal?

I’ll probably get some flames for this but u know, some of you guys posting probably suck worse than this, and at least they had balls to post it. That’s all I’m saying.

Nah Parry it’s cool. You really had to be there to know how the saga unfolded. Alot of the story is missing but I’m sure someone will post the missing material.
Happy reading : http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37295&highlight=akumacombos


Parry: after you read the backstory, you’d stop feeling bad.

Wow. Can anyone give me an abridged cliff notes version of this whole saga?

You’d have a perfect summary if that damn douche bag of the week report was working on pimp-productions.com but it’s no longer working.
I kinda hope Infested Jester still has a copy of it.

The CvS2 isn’t very good, I have to agree. I mean, I don’t play it at all, and I still know how to punish a blocked Blanka ball better than they do. That said, hey, if that’s what the top competition in Portugal is like, and good players from other countries don’t visit, and good Portuguese players don’t visit and learn elsewhere, then there’s no reason to expect them to play any better than they do. Akuma thinks he’s awesome, and apparently for good reason; he just won the Portuguese national tournament, after all. There’s no cause for him to get better, either, since he’s already the best there and no one knows enough to teach him to be better. The only reason I know anything more about the game than he does is that occasionally while I’m waiting in line for 3S in the arcade I’ll watch good players playing CvS2 and learn some stuff. So while it’s true that compared to many other countries Portuguese play sucks, it’s not like there’s any reason to expect it to be better. And I do think it’s pretty balsy for Akuma to capture and post these vids, and for that I congratulate him.

Props to posting match vids finally, but damn…

I don’t quite agree with the “they should have no reason to get better” point. There was ample opportunity to download US or Japan match vids and to see what they do in comparison. Instead, he chose to diss match vids. Too bad.

Yeah, I guess that’s true. But without actual competition, they can only get good to a certain point.

They have competition…all they have to do is travel to the UK

remember when MA claimed to have discovered the valle cc before valle? he even had his own stupid name for it… danger zone cc or something lmao!!

Sorry guys, I never saved a copy of “Douche of the Week”, I’m gonna talk to MWF about getting it though, hopefully he saved it.

some quick Master Akuma quotes:

“Nobody on this boards watches match vids, only a stupid like you :lol:”

“Dragon Punch is much better move than Sonic Boom because you don’t have to charge it.”

“Mugen Ken should be in the next SF game, he is not broken.”

“Shin Akuma can kick real hard all the Guilty Gear characters.”

“Ryu is the better than Sakura in CvS2 because his dragon punch hits harder.”

“CvS1 is the better of the CvS games because in cvS2 dragon punches can be stopped by jabs.”

“Zangief has ZERO chance against shotos in any SF game, what are you smoking? :lol:”

After watching the CvS2 and SFA2 vids, all I have to say is that its like watching two level 4 CPU opponents fight each other.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, :lol: :clap:


(yes thats actually him)

All I have to say is that the Garou finals were probably some of the worst Garou matches I’ve ever seen. Barely any Just Defending, no Guard Cancels and a ton of missed combo opportunies. Also way too much jumping and wake up supers are a big time no no. Well I just hope you guys take these comments as ways to make you improve your gameplay. Later.