Akuma Combo match vids now available

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that if somebody is jumping at you continuously in the corner that you can roll and punish them on recovery. I like when Blanka dizzied him and just threw him lol. Maybe they don’t have good comp but c’mon learn b&b’s


Cable s.hp x4, Iceman and Jill prostitution. Ah God, those were the days.

that’s true but they certainly haven’t reached that point. i’m not dissing anyone and I don’t know anything about these guys but even without comp you can get your execution down and learn some strats. if they’re happy with the way they play then good luck to them but you can’t use having no comp as an excuse for not being better.

I hear ya.

Wow. Just wow.

I don’t play Garou so I’m not gonna say anything.

CvS2…jump Sagat jump!!!

Anyways, I gotta give you some credit for putting up your match videos even though people hate you so much. :tup:

I bet you would’nt have said this if you were still with MA would you? Stop hating man, Atleast he worked up the nerve(After close to 2 years, You guys need to stop overexagerating)to put his shit up.
I liked MA, He hooked me up with alot of shit. That was his only use…

That niggas like 40 fucking years old!!!
Are those fucking SF trophies!!!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

There you go. http://web.archive.org/web/20041022111216/http://www.pimp-productions.com/rants/douche3.php

This quote made my nite

Is he the clock guy?

In any case, he’s got balls for releasing this… when you take his rep into account, it’s basically SRK suicide.

“Dragon Punch is much better move than Sonic Boom because you don’t have to charge it.”

Gonna have to agree on that one. I’d take a invincible DP over a boom anyday… but I’m a scrub too lol.

EDIT: woah… is this for real??

*“To make a long story short, Gunter was to travel to Portugal, home of Master Pussy, to settle this dispute once and for all. They selected a bunch of games and Pussy was to use his shotos vs. Gunters Zangief in all the selected games…”

“…Gunter was all set to make the trip, he had his money (a $500.00+bet I believe) and he requested some info from Master Pussy like his real name, where they would meet, and most importantly, a bank statement showing that he had sufficient funds to cover his end of the bet in the event that he might lose. Well, Pussy would have none of this, not only did he refuse, but he got mad when Gunter kindly asked for this information. He then went on to accuse Gunter of trying to trick him, and that the whole challenge was cancelled…”*

…and get this…

"…Master Pussy returned with a thread on SRK linking us to his site. On the main page he made a big headline “Shoto VS. Zangief Challeneg 2003” with various pics of shotos and Zangief around it. Under it he made another caption which read “Gunter Gave Up!”

Wow… just…

Wow. That’s harsh.

I find this next part funny. I never knew about this!

“The last we heard from our friend was when various SRK members offered to set up a PayPal account so people could donate and raise the money needed to ship this asshole over here so he would finally have to back up all the shit he was talking. No surprise, he never responded to the thread and just ignored it. I caught up with him recently on the snk-capcom board though asking why he refused the offer, still no response…”

I guess now with these videos, there’s no need to raise money? :slight_smile:

unless we wanted to send someone over there for some easy wins :-\

What the hell were Jam and Dizzy doing? Sagat loves to jump… The vids sucked. I deleted them as soon as I finished watching them.

The clock guy is SRWilson.

The UK does not talk about SRWilson.

Quoted for funny.

hey respect for clock guy , he’s good ! he’s no joke ! wilson is great .

:clap: The clock King.


edit: jesus lord, that thread was awesome as fuck.

Anyone still have his old SFEX vids? :clap:

Ahh… ok. My bad. He got a lot of flack too, but I couldn’t remember.

Jesus Christ. :rofl: :rofl: