Akuma Combos for second V-Trigger

Would like to hear some other combos from you guys. I have two combos that work for V-Trigger 2 and they aren’t very hard to execute, you need good timing on the second combo when you chain V-Trigger into ex DP. Forgot the terminology when it comes to SF but correct me if I am wrong.
j.HP -> s.HP xx V-Trigger -> s.MP xx QCB LK -> EX DP (right after tatsu is over) -> EX TATSU (right after ex shoryu is over, you’ll use v-gauge) -> QCF MP+HP (ex Hadouken, uses v-gauge) - 19 hit combo
j.HP -> b.HP xx V-Trigger (let Akuma’s fierce hit twice so your enemy gets lifted into the air) -> EX DP (kinda hard to pull off, probably easier in corner, done it twice mid-stage) xx EX TATSU xx QCF MP+HP - 12 hit combo, you can start with V-Trigger if he is in the corner, you can omit ex Hado while in the air and leave it at tatsu.

You probably can pull this off if you catch your opponent lacking cause against a good blocker this has a small chance of happening. They do work atm (v 04.050).