Akuma D:<

Akuma has been wooping my ass consistently recently. It pisses me off. Tips please ^_^.

mmm i play vs 2 akumas where i live .
the firts gouki have good know about positioning …and the second is more a rushdown akuma
i use sa1 vs gouki becuase air fireball is really good vs necro
other shit i do is s.roundhouse when i feel he try jump .
when he do a roundhouse tatsumaki on you you only need crouch and when do the last hit from the other side parry this
other shits are like a ken or ryu …you can poking this guy whit your s.strong and punish whiffing moves …dont try jump to much becuase he can do a sa1 on you.
demon flip move can trade whit a b.fierce o a jab dempa .
i turlte a lot vs gouki.

maybe if you are more especific i can help you more

I think you have to be REALLLLLL patient :frowning: Akuma’s the hardest shoto imo cos of his dive kicks, hurricane kicks, and air fireball that makes close-range jump-ins hard (I forget if he can juggle w/ hurricanes or something after using an air fireball as air-to-air vs. any of Necro’s jumping pokes). He makes Necro feel REALLY slow. I guess it’s too hard to try to beat the start-up of his demon flip w/ a b+hp.

I also use SAI but then again, I’m weird and use it a lot anyway, although this is 1 of the few matches when most ppl trade in his SAIII. If Akuma’s playing keep-away and building meter, I build my own meter so I have the SA threat. I think you can SA reversal a blocked hk hurricane. The vacuum property of SAI seems VERY useful in this match-up so Akuma has to be wary of sticking out pokes a lot.

I try to knock him out of the air from a distance w/ a jumping mp or hp–esp. if he tries a far-away air fireball, and then I try to poke through/past it. He’s 1 of those characters I feel Necro has to bait a lot. I wish red-parrying his hk hurricane seemed easier.

I wish I could think of something more useful but Akuma’s offense makes him a real pain in the ass. At least teleporting is riskier than usual for him.

Pray :badboy:

Yeah…I would also pray. Akuma is crazy shit.

vs a hk tatsumaki …only crouch block …if you see gouki change sides …parry from the other side and punish him really badly.

-Don’t jump around too much; Necro gets ruined by air hurricanes.
-Be patient and look for safe openings. Akuma can lock you down for long periods, so just block through it and punish. Akuma’s got shit for HP, and a single knockdown can get him into a whole lot of trouble.
-If they’re dive kick happy, LP denpa and sometimes b. FP will serve you well.

I would seriously suggest considering magnetic storm for this match-up to keep Akuma on the ground because it’s got a ton of range, so you can essentially shut down a lot of his air fireball/dive kick game. It’s the only way Necro can punish a blocked RH hurricane as well.

you get free sa3 to punish the hurricanes as well.

Ah, yeah, but it has to be a perfect reversal, which can be hard unless they’re being mad predictable. The timing on the SA1 punish is really lax though. It’s a toss up though really, you can go SA3 for more hit confirms and almost instant stun on Akuma or SA1 one to help you control the flow of the match better.


That you make one correct guess - then you win the round.

After fighting alot against the Swedish Akumas (nothing compared to top level Akumas as Naz!), I’ve found that I’m alot more succesfull using SA3 against him compared to SA1. Just the same reason why some people pick SA3 instead of SA1 against Yun - You get your bars quicker and you can afford to waste bar (random c.lk -> sa3 and sometimes EX).

SA1 is nice theoretically and for the threat, but in fact, when you get that long bar fully loaded (long compared to sa3) and you just sit there waiting for him to jump in or what not, you become afraid of using it because with out it you’re fuched. And besides, if Akuma jumps at you and you use it, most of the time you’ll end up juggling him for 3 hits of something, taking crap damage, and all of a sudden you’re back on square one.

With SA3 you’ll ALWAYS have the threat of stunning him with one lucky guess or him making a misstake, but with SA1 you’ll find yourself having problems after you’ve used up that bar for some worthless AA.

Sorry for the crap english, but I just came home from work and I am sooooo tired and hungry :confused:

True enough, but you overstate the size of the SA1 bar. It’s still a very small bar compared to most 1 bar supers. Only a little longer than Ken’s shipuu.

sa3 i think is bad vs gouki because he can control espace badly
sa3 can stun gouki but this never work if gouki not make big mistakes…(don’t like lucky parry shit i parry when i know what they do , or when i need a big come back)
sa1 punish air fire ball badly , short meter really good if necro player are a turtle (i am really good in turtling)

I play JR Rodriguez once in a blue moon every now and then and he KILLS me; regardless of the character I use (I tend to do best against him w/ the range of Elena’s pokes, for some reason). I notice that even HE is susceptible to throws cos Akuma’s afraid to take damage. I try to grab him in the corner, then juggle/combo w/ st. mp, SAI, but more likely he’s baiting me to do that and DEMONS right through my grab attempt :stuck_out_tongue: I also sometimes hit him on the ground w/ 2 db+hps in a row, so maybe that smacks him out of the start of his backwards jumps (if that’s what he was trying to do). I try to bait him and other Akuma players so he’ll go for a reversal that I can then block and punish. I like using drill kicks from fairly far away if he doesn’t go for an air tatsumaki cos if I have meter, the SAI reset is tough to air-parry consistently.

I need to hunt down JR and play him again: hopefully I’ll learn more (and have enough TIME to realize) what might work against good Akumas such as he. When Akuma turtles, I tend to turtle as well and just build meter. It’s harder to touch him w/ pokes (not to hurt him but to build meter faster by touching him w/ attacks that put him in block stun) than most characters, but SAI seems more critical against him if you’re using it, and it’s more random than SAIII. I MIGHT use SAIII if I weren’t so awful at using it. He’s REALLY good at making it tough to figure out when exactly to parry the dive kick (besides; most characters don’t have vertical attacks like the twins’ close st. mk or Chun’s close st. hk that connect RIGHT after parrying dive kicks), and even if I DO parry it, he usually has recovered and landed, and sometimes goes ahead and counter-parries. Akuma just seems VERY hard to predict w/ his extra offensive moves that the other shotos lack :frowning: It also doesn’t help that I HARDLY ever get to play Akumas–let alone good ones lol.

Elaborate on that please, I don’t think he control space better than Ken, and against him SA3 is a must! The regular stuff like st MP works fine against Gouki to, even better than against Ken i believe.

Don’t you ever option parry? Besides, you don’t need a big mistake to hit with SA3, just do a cr. LP/LK xx SA3 sometimes and it’ll work. Or if he does anything but HK Tatsumaki.

When the Gouki player learn that his air fb can be punished by SA1 he won’t do it as long as you got full bar, and really, he doesn’t need it against Necro anyway. It isn’t like air fb is a key to kill Necro. AND, as I stated before, the low number of hits combined with the "in-air"damage reduction when punishing Gouki while in the air isn’t a satisfying pay off if you ask me.

for me air fireball is a big problem. is the reason becuase for me necro have a hard match ups vs gouki.
in the ground you destroy gouki game whit your poking moves (s.strong , c.forward,s.forward)
but if he jump and mix air fire ball from a good distance whit empty jumps .


Stupid things that catch necro:
tatsumaki crossing necro- this may seem dumb, but it is a nice trap for necro becase it goes past his gaurd and hits necro in the back. you can parry it or block it as long necro does it at the “cross over time” you can easily punish this off the parry with a short bnb or SAI. I wouldnt burn SAIII beause you can combo into that or just use an EX hooks for half the guage. you will notice this working on a lot of dumb necro players. just switch up gaurd jack ass!

another very common set up i see vs Gouki is a necro parrying Gouki’s cr.mk and then Gouki going in to a shoryuken or tatsumaki. doesnt seem like that much or that it would even work, but for those who relay on option parries or parry >> grabs, sorta a lose lose situation. just wait for the second parry and gouki will stop doing that pretty quick.

if you are going to jump (as necro) only do back jumps and on occasion up jumps and don’t throw anything out. just wait to parry the tatsumaki (hurricane kick), air fire ball, dive kicks, or his HP that beats all of necro’s arials. why i say to do that is because you have a better chance getting him on his recoil after you both land on the ground rather than parrying kumas arials while standing.

vs Gouki’s arial game:
there are x major things that Gouki will do to rape necro on a common basis. (x means i dont have the time to elaborate on all tactics)

  1. “demon jumping grab/punch/kick/dive kick thingy” (yes that is original) AKA demon jump
    best thing i found to do about this nonsence is to dash under this shit and pick at him, but there is always a counter tech that good gouki players pull off on call. ~syouganai~ but just a bit into the middle of the screen for general “anti jumping rampage”

specifics on deamon jump >> dive kick
since parrying and countering that shit dont help that much, just dash back after a parry and dash back and either:
a) do a second dash back incase of cr.mk xx SA or a recoiled tatsumaki - safe
b) do a dream parry vs a s.mk, tatsumaki, or cr.jp -not so safe
c) anything else - not safe

specifics on deamon jump >> stomp kick/punch
this is where gouki fuckes up hard
a) parried: bnb combo - stick with b.mp vs b.mk for safety
b) not parried: b.lk >> s.mp XX SAIII, b.lk lp.hooks XX SAI do this strictly or get a bnb done on you

specifics on deamon jump >> grab
you jack ass… you arnt moving!

  1. jumping tatsumaki
    usually, unless you are arial, gouki will do the tatsumaki later in the jump so he can get them good frames upon landing. if you are arial, get ready for 3 parries and a cr.lp on his recoil.

countering while standing:
parry once (thats all gouki can hit with) and get the fuck out cause your counters wont help you vs a gouki that knows how to kill necros. b.mk or cr.lk might work depending on your timing and gouki’s recoil decicions. basically, parry and dash back. wait stupid moves and bad decisions.

countering while arial:
get ready for 3 parries, or 2 if you both are really low. just get your recoil and wise poke 'em. nothing else to this much, just read part 1 and be careful as always. if you happen to know gouki will do a jumping tatsumaki (IF), then b.hp or hit him with a s.hp just be wise and take your time. patience is a virtue.

  1. jumping fireballs
    this is the game i hate the most. parries arnt useful, blocking just sucks ass. and running makes the only solution. running all the time means you dont hit and might not get hit as much. you CAN dash under the fire balls with more ease than the demon flip kicks hands down, so getting on his back and bnb him works good. but the deep fireballs are the ones that make you second guess. one being that he throws out the fire ball and you have to play low-high games, secong being that he just empty jumps and goes to town from there. this is the game where necro has to be a good guesser, just like 3 deck black jack in Vegas (that means it is harder to count cards and you really have to guess on your hit)

vs Gouki’s ground game:
this one is quite easy. if you can fight a “rush down” ken/ryu/dudly, you should use the same mental game but apply it to Gouki. Now Gouki has nice picks and setups vs necro because of priority, speed, and combo potential.

The obvious stuff that i wont elaborate on:
cr.lk X 3
close mp/mk
kara throw jukes
and all that other basic stuff that ken, ryu, and dudly have.

Approach on Gouki’s ground game:
best thing to do is get outside of “footsy” range so you cant get picked by cr.mk AS EASY. just wait for a parry or little picks until he starts to needlessly rushing you.
when he dashes in (assuming you are turtling/waiting for him) you can do several things:
a) grab - easy but not effective
b) db.hp - good for corners or push back game
c) any classic BNB - best for stun gauge and regulating his rushing
d) pick with b.mp >> dash back - why do this? raging demon setups or if gouki is sitting on a full gauge

no need to elaborate that much. just play footsies, picking, and turtling for safety.
rush gouki down if you have a chance, but remember gouki can out pick and prioritize necro at any given time.

Ha, i got tactics against you now naz! :angel: