Akuma died?



I havent been here in a while…

tbh, I’m not sure if this forum is still active…
I’ve been playing Ultra akuma for about 2hrs now, and he feels mortally fucked…

his damage seems lower,
the demon flip FB doesn’t seem to open much since the arc of the fireballs still means your kinda far away
the standing knee buff is fuck all extra damage as far as I’ve been able to tell so far
and worst of all, his Cmk demon seems to have essentially lost some invincibility against dive kickers…

(wasn’t done processing when I posted this thread)

tell me there’s some positives?
or should we just bandwagon to ERyu, Yun or fookin Hugo


His knee buff is shitty. It’s a lot harder to do. When you do cLP > sMK > lTatsu > hSRK it’s only 10 more damage than cLP > cHP > hSRK >

And this picture shows the damage deference for putting in focus cancel…

Coming out of sMK > hHado is actually 3 less damage than doing the normal combo on crouching players… Bullshit. There better be more to it



The divekick thing looks right to me. Against command dive kicks if you activate demon when they are above your waist you usually lose unless it’s Cammy.

Concentrate on doing combos with ex shaku. You should be getting 500+ stun out of it unless they changed the stun values.


Knee buff isn’t about combo damage, it’s all about the re-stand.

If they’re already standing, you should be forgetting about close MK.

Do not underestimate the importance of the far HP cancel. That shit is silly with his c.mp traps.


But now you can consistently do c.mp, cs.mk, tatsu, hp.dp.
The extra range should make it a more reliable button that removes some character specific combo’s (crouching Ibuki, Claw, Seth).

Also, it could be really useful after a landed f.hk at short range, depending on how much they increased the recognition range.

Personally I’d prefer they removed fs.mk alltogether unless they shortened the startup like e.ryu. Right now, that thing is absolutely useless.


I have a weird feeling when i play with him now, can’t figure what it is…something is off for me.


But, I mean really…someone’s complaining that close MK leads to 10 MORE damage?

Fucking hell…


Akuma didn’t lose damage. He gained more damage by way of new combos.

Demon Flip EX fireball is a gimmick - it puts shit on the screen at a weird place in time, that people have to deal with.

Close MK gives you more ways to tatsu sweep. If you’re close, and they’re standing, what the fuck are you using cl.mk for? Hit them with a HP like you normally do.

He didn’t lose damage, he doesn’t hit softer, you’re just a fucking fraud.


akuma didn’t die, he just changed alot…

far. hp is a good buff and ex red fireball is awesome as well. the block stuns so luck i can sneak in a overhead while they are still blocking red fireball.

so far cls.mk is difficult to use. unlike ryu/e.ryu versions. akuma have to commit to inputing fireball or tatsu straight away without any breathing space…

and since everyone get to have delay wakeup sweep is no use much anymore just DP them… no vortex just straight up mano a mano in their face…and dying to divekicks(yun and yang is torture)…


You’re sleeping on far MK mostly then. Dudley hate this move. special dashes hate this move too. And your footsies are gimmicky if you don’t use it also. It’s a far range poke with lower invincibility (kind of) that hit crouchers. Our only one !


I’m sure that divekick at that height was demonable in Super. it felt right to do it then.

I only had about 2 hrs before I turned it off. I was talking to someone else and he told me about that you can cancel sHP into ex red fb now, buuttt I didn’t get to try it…

without vortex, I dont see the benefit of pushing people into stand. and for 10 extra damage, the effort involved in doing cLP > sMK > lTatsu > hSRK does not beat cLP > sHP > hSRK to me at all
he does feel very different. for a start people seem less scared of the rape… in fact people were more scared of my makoto…

when I get back to game in 3 weeks I’ll try some of the stuff you’ve said more seriously, and maybe some new combos and set ups will have arisen.
cheers guys. (cept wasted, you sound like a twat)


…and I thought I was pessimistic about Ultra…


Word. Akuma lost damage overall via vortex but he got quite a bit of tools. I’m doing fine with solid fundamentals. Counter hit setups do more damage. Mix-ups after throws are really good after DWU. I was able to do Double dash cross up TK fireball. Godlike stuff. Your gameplay has to change quite a bit I admit. (I was converting my style for the last few months especially before they announced the Cs.MK recognition range buff. The force stand isn’t too insignificant without it.) Fs.HP cancel helps out a lot so we can control a space didn’t before.

NOTE: Always cancel with Jab fireball. A lot more frame advantage when FADC’d (Able to walk forward enough to get a Cs.HP for the most damage) and if you anti-air with Fs.HP and cancel into jab fireball. It will get a meaty fireball with enough advantage to walk forward for a block string.

I think Akuma is actually still a strong character he’s just really different. Though Ultra might be his weakest form for now, as the game goes on he might be just as threatening in Vanilla especially when DWU setups are figured out.


You’re too kind.

Vortex isn’t dead. Nerfed, sure, but you couldn’t truly vortex nearly half the cast anyway. We have another eleven frames to play with. That’s all. Abusing delayed wake-up is a human tendency. It is therefore something you can anticipate and exploit.


Definitely still good. Changing my approach is going to take some time though. He’s different.


I’ve posted a video with the buffs in another thread (Akuma Buffs for dummies 1.0 , check it, u may change ur mind about Akuma being nerfed.


I’m definitely noticing the effects of DWU, life is harder now lol. I think everyone who didn’t get a good feel for Akuma’s neutral game because they were running vortex all day is going to have a hell of a time in ultra.

I do feel like his EX fireball soft knockdown is suddenly more valuable now. People still get caught quickstanding a lot after that, letting you flip and run your mixups.

On the bright side, I LOVE the cancellable fs.HP. Makes frametraps way more interesting.

I haven’t gotten around to testing yet, but couldn’t an anti air HP cancelled into demon flip be used to get a mixup as they recover from the antiair?


EX.fb was the best option on crouching character in AE anyway. Safejump palm on quickrise, react to technical sign for os sweep. If they don’t quick rise, walk back tkd air fb.

We can do the same with EX shaku now, with the difference being more frame advantage, damage and WAY more stun.

Fs.xx demon flip: why the hell not, IF you don’t trade it anyway and good luck with that :frowning:


overall i don’t think akuma is nerfed that badly. however he’s gonna receive a buttload of hurt from the divekicks they seemed mad powerful so far.


Whose divekicks?