Akuma Dive Kick CrossUp

I was wondering does any1? know any good Dive Kick setups so that I’ll be at the right distance to crossup. I’ve been trying to come up with some patterns or occassions when its best used or easiestly applied. But haven’t come up with anything relliable. Need help before i loose my mind.

A cross up dive kick is hard to pull since it depends what versions you use and how big the char is. I still havent figured it out myself yet but I know there have been occasions where I do c.mk, lk tatsumaki, s.hp into demon flip (usually mk version) then k then my opponent parrys and tries punishing me but his attack misses and I land on the other side leaving them wide open for a counter attack.

hmmmm thanx I’ll try that one. By the way what size was the char.?

Well i ussualy dont use the dive kick with demonflip unless im reseting from a combo (like tatsumaki) to keep presure on em. i ussualy use the manual dive kick (Down kick while jumping version). After a knockdown ,superjumping and divekicking just as they get up, this makes them unsure if u are going to cross over or hit them, if i choose to cross over i will do a light shoryuken after, if they try to block the dive kick they will walk wright into the shoryuken on the otherside :slight_smile:

Well like I said it all depends on the size of the char and what version of the dive kick you use so I really couldnt tell you, sorry bro.

Really. Just practice with one version on some characters you encounter often (Ken, Yun, Yang, Chun Li, Dudley, Makato). Except for Dudley and Ken, they are all similar sizes. Just practice the distance.